Practicing Feng Shui With Your Wallet

You already carry a wallet. So, why not do so in a way that will attract more wealth to your life? Wealth attraction is an effective and useful application, especially when following the ancient and proven practice of feng shui. Deciding to employ several beneficial aspects of a wallet, such as the color, cleanliness, and where and how it is kept, can affect the amount of wealth you welcome into your life. Rather than overworking yourself to pay the bills, enlist the power of feng shui and let your wallet do the work for you.

Today we’re going to talk about the concepts of Fung Shui and discuss them in the context of our wallets. As an item that may very well be the most important thing we carry with us on a daily basis, it might very well pay to apply some of these ideas to your everyday carry and the materials object closest to us. 


What is Feng Shui?

Before fully understanding how it can attract more luck for you, it’s important to first acknowledge what feng shui is.

In short, feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice centered around interacting with our environments in specific ways to ensure that we’re doing the most to transform and bring satisfaction into our everyday lives. Feng shui is concerned with people being in harmony with their immediate surroundings. Applying feng shui can be a beneficial practice to attract various positive angles in life, including health, wealth, happiness, and luck. 

While it may be a familiar term concerning furniture and spatial arrangements, feng shui can be practiced with any object. Managing your wallet in regard to feng shui customs is an effective way to attract wealth. Characteristics, including the color and location, can be an easy guide to allow additional money to flow into your wallet. 


Attracting Wealth to Your Wallet

Since your wallet is already where you hold your cash and cards, it’s the perfect object to use for attracting additional wealth and luck. A diversity of characteristics play a role in the amount of luck you can have with your wallet. 

First things first, toss out your old, hammered wallet that you’ve been using for the past ten years. If your wallet is old enough to doubt whether it will serve you, you might be right. A wallet is a direct indicator of any person’s status. Feng shui recommends that an attractive wallet will enable more money to enter. That said, using a fresh, mint wallet will automatically attract more wealth by merely increasing your status and encouraging cash to flow. 

It’s essential to have a clean, new wallet that has not been passed down from another person. Because you’re unable to know what a used wallet brought for its past owner, it’s better to ensure luck with a new and unused one.


Deciding on a Color

If you’re hoping to attract more wealth, the color of your wallet has a big impact. Each color symbolizes something important; deciding on particular shades will ensure that you manifest the correct concepts. Let’s look at the most popular colors and their symbols:

Colors that Attract Wealth

Black is an ideal color, and fortunately, it’s also widely used for wallets. If you’re hoping to attract money or potentially reach your career goals, black symbolizes wealth and prosperity, making the perfect color for your wallet.

Brown is a classic color that encourages saving and frugality as it’s a powerful representation of the earth. A brown wallet will incentivize you to manage your money better and encourage growth in savings. 

Green is known to promote opportunities for revenue, which is an influential color to have as a wallet. If you’re hoping to find new income opportunities, green is a healthy color to encourage possibilities.

Colors that Divert Wealth

Blue is unsurprisingly symbolic of water. Avoid choosing blue for your wallet as it represents the idea of water washing wealth away, diverting prosperity from your life.

 Purple and Pink are both representatives of love. While both are lovely colors for your wallet, they might attract a new lover rather than riches.

Red symbolizes fire, and in terms of wealth, money and flames don’t mix. That said, red is not a beneficial color for bringing yourself wealth. 


How to Store Your Wallet

Aside from having a color that will stimulate affluence, preparing and storing your wallet are equally important for enabling wealth.

You’ll want to maintain a clean and tidy wallet and leave as much free space as possible to ensure that wealth can flow. Keeping unnecessary items in your wallet will only take up space and discourage money from your life. The organization can also be applied to other areas of your life, including your office space, home, or anywhere you might work to increase your income. The more space you have cleared from clutter, the more space there is to be filled with money. 

Chinese feng shui recommends appreciating your wallet as it is another influential measure for attracting wealth. That said, keeping your wallet in a place where it feels cherished and treasured will allow it to inspire additional funds. Respecting your wallet by avoiding tossing it around or leaving it in areas where it could potentially be stolen or damaged is essential to promoting wealth. If you’re willing to put in the effort for your wallet, it will do the same for you. 


Finishing Thoughts…

Taking the aforementioned steps can increase your chances for wealth. However, there are additional gestures you can take to have a positive impact on your finances. Carrying a red ribbon with coins attached and placed adjacent to where you keep your wallet is said to attract more wealth. Additionally, feng shui suggests that keeping gemstones that encourage prosperity will also fill your pockets with more cash. Gemstones that are useful for wealth include jade, emerald, green tourmaline, and several others. 

Feng shui is a very beneficial practice that can easily promote wealth and prosperity when used appropriately. Ensuring that you decide on influential colors, cleanliness, and appreciative locations of your wallet can certainly empower you to increase your money and income opportunities. 


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