The Best Wallet Knives

[Buyers Guide 2021]

For whatever reason, you may find yourself wanting to carry a concealed knife with you. While your options could simply to carry one of the many Folding or Hideaway knives available on the market, Wallet Knives might be a better option for many. Wallet Knives’ main benefit is their ease of storage being able to seamlessly fit within most wallets. It streamlines your everyday carry and hides away a knife you might not want others to know about.

Over the past few months, we’ve done our research and tried out a variety of wallet knives on the market today at a variety of different price points. Each wallet knife can, in some cases, also be accompanied by other multi-tool features which will discuss as we go along. So without further adieu here are our top picks for our favorite Wallet Knives on the market today.


Holtzman Credit Card Knife

The Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife is probably the most famous wallet knife on the market. It has a highly attractive appearance all concealed within a credit card-shaped device. The knife itself measures around 8mm (around 2 – 3 credit/debit cards) which means it does add much bulk to your wallet around the equivalent of carrying two cards in a single card slot. 

The blade itself is made from a 420 series stainless steel which not only provides increased durability (for long-lasting use) but also a more lightweight everyday carry. The blade measures only 2 inches which might be too small for many but perfect for those who need a quick tool for activities such as camping or hiking. Overall, the Holtzman’s Wallet Knife is a fantastic wallet knife and probably the most convenient in terms of size on this list. Coming in at a price tag of  $39.99, it isn’t cheap, but you do get 10 of them when you purchase. 


Adventure Guy’s Knife

A cheaper wallet knife with a durable disposition and other multi-tool features, the Adventure Guys Knife is a great budget option for people looking for a knife among other features aimed at avid travelers or adventures. Again, the knife and other tools are concealed within a tough ABS plastic frame sized the same as a credit/debit card. It comes in at around 6.35mm making it slightly thinner than previously mentioned tools around 2 credit/debit cards thick.

The wallet knife itself is made from stainless steel making it highly durable and also includes a serrated edge. The knife again is only small in size (common when you want to store knives within a wallet) at around 2 inches. Other tools features within the multi-tool also include the likes of screwdrivers, magnifying lens, can/bottle opener, and even a compass (for a full list of tools visit here). Overall, the Adventure Guys wallet knife is highly effective. I didn’t come across issues with dull knives or durability and at a price of only $9.99 what’s not to like.


Zootility Wildcard

The Zootility Wildcard is another multi-tool with an included knife. The wildcard is probably the most durable on this list which the entire tool being made from heat-treated stainless steel and weighing just 1.1 ounces. It’s also one of the thinnest tools on this list coming in at just 2mm which makes it the best at easily being fit within a wallet without any bulking or added weight. 

The Wildcard’s knife is again small at around 2 inches, yet also includes it patent pending FlyOff technology enables you to quickly remove the blade from the multi-tool plate with ease. Other features within the Wildcard include the likes of screwdriver, replaceable blades, and the pry-bar. Overall, I have nothing negative to say about the Zootility Wildcard but it is a more expensive option on this list coming in at $34.95.


Trak Titanium Wallet Knife

The Trak Titanium Knife is the most minimalist option on this list. Shaped like a credit card and coming in at 12mm, it has a clean appearance with a certain aesthetic in mind. While being the only knife on this list made from Titanium the Trak is one of the most durable wallets on this list and while others seem to go dull after prolonged use the Tack holds up better compared to others. 

Unlike other knives on this list, the Trak doesn’t actually have a point, or tip, to its blade, but just as one long continuous cerated edge made for cutting as opposed to, well, stabbing. When it comes to cutting the Trak Knife is by far the best choice on this list. The only issue I have with the Trak is its size. To increase its durability and strength the Trak Knife is much thicker and I did find it much more difficult to store in a standard wallet’s card slot without force. The Trak Knife starts at a price tag of $85.00 making the most expensive on this list. For more information check out their official website using the link below.


Victorinox Swisscard

You really can’t go wrong with Victorinox products being one of the largest brands dedicated to multi-tools, knives, and accessories on the market today. The Swisscard is another multi-tool that also includes a small wallet knife included. This is probably the smallest knife from the range but surprisingly packs a bunch thanks to its fantastic build quality. It measures just under 2 inches, is ultra-sharp, and is made from lightweight stainless steel. 

While also including a knife the Victorinox swisscard also includes many other unique features you can readily find in other multi-tools. This includes the likes of scissors, a pressurized ballpoint pen, and even an LED light. The swisscard really is the perfect tool for those who want more than just a knife but other options are better on this list for those only looking for the best possible wallet knife. The Swisscard comes in at $35.67 which in my opinion is a fair price for the item you get.


Dango MT04 Multi-Tool

The Dango MT04 Multi-Tool is an amazing pick for people, again, wanting more functionality other than a knife. It’s a bit of a wildcard on this list as it only includes a small sharp edge and serrated edge that can be used for cutting, but in reality, it isn’t much of a knife. The MT04 is made from some hardy materials made entirely from heat-treated stainless steel that is built for strength and long life. 

Other great features of the MT04 include the likes of a Nail Pryer, Chisel, Bottle Opener, and Rope tension tool also that work perfectly and are perfectly integrated within the wallet. Finally, the Dango MT04 Multi-Tool is specially designed to fit within the many tactical wallets sold by the company. This means if you want a tool that can seamlessly be stored and designed to be fit without a certain wallet then you might want to consider a wallet upgrade (check out the likes of the M-Series of Dango Wallets). The MT04 comes in at a price tag of $35.00 which I feel is more than value for this amazing little tool. 


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