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The Bellroy Executive range of wallets is something I’ve heard come up in conversation quite a lot. Bellroy takes a lot of pride in the quality of their wallets, so when it comes to releasing their Executive range back in 2009, some people were confused, after all, we already thought we were getting top quality. But the Executive range promises much more than the standard array of wallets, with emphasis on higher quality, better leather, and generally better quality finish of each product.

The real question to ask is how much better is the Executive Collection (premium) compared to the standard array of wallets? Bellroy charges up to 80% more for the executive version of its products, so it pays to know you’re getting better quality and good value for money. Let’s dig into Bellroy and what the Bellroy Executive Collection could offer you.

About Bellroy

Bellroy shouldn’t need an introduction. As one of the largest independent wallet brands, Bellroy helped bring traditionally leather wallets into the modern age, with innovative features and a brand that encapsulates a more fun, modern, and 21st-century take on a brand that specializes in premium leather wallets. 

Today, Bellroy is much more about just wallets. They’ve expanded into many different products ranging from Backpacks, x, and other EDC Accessories. Bellroy also put a lot of work and emphasis into its own sustainability. As a member of B-Corp Bellroy has helped set a standard in the wallet space for more ethically and consumer-conscious practices including and not limited to sustainability source leather, and ethical consumerism.


Executive Range Differences

As I stated previously, the Executive range of products is a more premium array of products that try and go one step beyond what some of the classic bellroy products offer. One of the biggest differences between the standard and executive range comes down to the type of material each uses. While the standard array uses a non-descript environmentally certified leather. The Executive range utilizes more premium leather including DriTan and MIRUM.

Finally, the price is probably the biggest factor and difference between the two. Below is a quick summary of 3 different wallets, and the price differences between the two versions:

Standard Bellroy Note Sleeve (£75.00) – Premium Note Sleeve (£120.00) – 60% increase.

Slim Sleeve (£55.00) – Premium Slim Sleeve (£99.00) – 80% increase.

Hide and Seek (£75.00) – Premium Hide and Seek (£120.00) – 60% increase.


Executive Range Leather(s)

A common difference and probably the main difference, between the standard and premium edition wallets come from Bellroy’s choice of leather. In total, two different types of leathers have been chosen and used extensively throughout the entire Executive Collection. You can read more about these types of leather below. 

DriTan™ Leather

Sourced from specialist tannery, ECCO Leather, these leathes are tanned using their revolutionary DriTan technique. This innovative method harnesses the moisture in the hide, saving water and reducing chemicals. The result is a rich, durable leather that’s better on the environment. 

MIRUM Edition

A high-performance plant-based material, specifically formulated for flexibility, handfeel and longevity. Our custom formulation is made from natural rubber, soybeans and biomass charcoal (from pine). It’s bound with minerals and backed with organic cotton. After many experiments, we found this recipe that gave us the best fit for our designs.


Final Verdict 

Overall I have mixed feelings regarding the Executive Collection range. On one hand, they offer a better quality product down to its higher-grade leather and better quality finish. But when you compare the two wallets together (premium vs. standard), it’s hard to see the value, especially when considering the inflated price range of the executive collection which can be nearly double. 

One aspect of this testing I couldn’t complete was how well the premium collection lasts over time. In my experience, Bellroy Wallets already hold up very well in terms of durability and longevity. Still, it would be interesting to see if there’s any difference in this going forward. For more information on the Bellroy Executive Collection and the full range of products available check out the Bellroy official website using the link below.


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