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The Albert Lacreu Wallet Review

When something handmade you really get a sense of perspective. Wallets are by no means an uncommon occurrence in a world dominated with wallets left to right and center. The choice is endless really so when you do see small-time handmade wallets crop onto the market it really makes you feel want them to be good. Almost like you’re cheering the underdog in a race.

Although Albert Lacreu is by no means unknown (although I must admit I hadn’t heard of them) he is what this industry needs. Somebody who can innovate and keep the art of leather-craft alive and stick to traditional methods of craftsmanship. 

When I first unboxed one of the wallets by Albert Lacreu I knew from the outset it was going to be good. The range and its counterparts really encompass the real essence of innovation, style, and design. 

‘Albert Lacreu is born fruit of Alberto García architect’s restlessness. As an architect, he has always been concerned about simplification and balance. He is passionate about small scale, which is where detail gains importance. As a leather craftsman, he comes up with, design and creates the product. In his work, he takes care of every detail, dedicating the time that each piece needs, always aiming for perfection’.

Look & Design

Albert Lacreu provides a range of high-quality premium wallets. Made in the finest Italian leather the wallet exudes quality. The first thing you notice on the initial unboxing is the smell as the quality leather immediately hits your nose giving a good sign to the quality of materials used. 

Albert Lacreu likes to keep things simple. The range is small with a small variation in color. The wallets are minimalist in size with an emphasis on keeping things neat and to the point. My favorite in the range is the ‘card case’ wallet. This simple leather cardholder is made from a single piece of leather and has metal buttons to secure the wallet in place. The wallet just feels good in the hand and has ample functionality for people looking to keep things slim. I also love the fact each wallet comes in a Navy Blue color an option I rarely see in leather wallets. This deep blue really stands out to me and adds to the Albert Lacreu brand identity and a great option for those looking for a less traditional color option.

The Wallet Range

Classic Wallet

Styled in a typical bi-fold fashion this is very much a classic – or traditional – wallet. With great storage capacity for credit/debit cards and a roomy slot for banknotes this wallet is probably my favorite on this list as it provides a great take on a quality item.

Card Case

My second favorite wallet on this list. This wallet incorporates metal buttons to keep the wallet secure in a compact design meant for people with less cash and cards but enough to store the necessities. 

Slim Credit card holder

The most minimalist wallet Albert Lacreu offers the slim credit card – as the name suggests – is an ultra-minimalist card holder meant for people who don’t carry cash and only need a few credit cards. 

Price Tag

Albert Lacreu wallets are no by means cheap with the least expensive wallet in their range coming in at $45.00 with the most expensive being the classic bi-fold at around $150.00. This is pretty steep, but the quality you get from Albert Lacreu shouldn’t be understated. This is a premium handmade range and the prices are priced accordingly. Do I think other similar wallets exist at better prices? Probably. But this isn’t a topic I’m going to debate. The Albert Lacreu range is great and if you’re willing to pay the price then it shouldn’t stop you.

Final Verdict

A great range of wallets with the utmost quality. If you’re looking for a wallet made from the highest quality leathers with near-perfect stitching then the Albert Lacreu range might be for you. For more information on this range of wallets check out their official website by clicking the link below.


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