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The Hit Minimalist Wallet Review by The Goods.

The Hit Wallet by the Goods LA is an ultra-slim wallet that has an emphasis on style and a minimal carry. The Goods stylistic choice is very unique and when you visit their website you can clearly see a clear trend in the way each and every item looks with a clear color choice of charcoal black with an emphasis on uniformity and minimalism. 

The Goods brand is something quite refreshing in a world filled with generic wallets and copycats. Originating from Los Angelas, the company prides itself on creating the highest possible quality. All of their leather goods are sourced and handmade in the United States by skilled craftsmen in our own workshop. Their ethos is having ‘Goods’ built to withstand time and use. 

The Goods is committed to design and craft products that are distinct in every detail. As a team of engineers, designers, and craftsmen, we are dedicated to provide customers with everyday essentials that are functional and minimal.’.

Look & Design

One of the main reasons why you’d consider the Hit wallet is its fantastic design and build quality. The leather is made from a high-quality Vegetable tanned cowhide leather, with a snakeskin pattern accented across the wallet. The leather is definitely the biggest plus side to this wallet and probably what dictates the price. It looks, feel the durability and even its smell is beyond what made other wallets on the market offer today.

The Goods use full grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather which is long-lasting, rugged, natural and involves no additional processing. The varying grains and marks of the leather mean no two products are ever the same.

Other products that are not made in-house are crafted in collaboration with our design and manufacturing partners who are experts in their field to bring you uncompromised quality and utility. It just goes to show the quality a wallet can have when thought and effort is put into it. 

Functionality & Utility 

The Hit wallet is by definition ‘minimalist’. While its dimensions are only very slightly larger than a credit or debit card coming in at 4-inch x 2.75-inch x 0.25 inch. The Goods recommend a maximum of 4 cards with some additional space for cash. I think this a very fair assumption and you should really only consider this wallet if you carry more than 4 cards daily. On average 4 cards are probably significantly less than the number of cards most people have so keep this in mind. 

 At best I could fit between 4-5 cards in, with a stretch, with some additional room for folded up notes. This distribution of cards is split between two separate pockets one on each side of the wallet. The main one, on the front, has a small cut out to help easily take and put back cards, while the back pouch has a hangover or lip which means the cards stick out slightly, again, providing easy access.  

Practicality & Use

The Hit wallet is nothing special when it comes to a minimalist wallet. I’m usually a big fan of minimalism but compared to other wallets the Hit is satisfactory at best. The reason I say is that the thick leather made it quite hard to insert and take out cards and this tight fit can make it increasingly annoying too when using it in daily life. 

The wallet also doesn’t have anything unique about it. Most minimalist wallets have innovative features to account for the fact it doesn’t have as much space as a normal-sized wallet. But this wallet doesn’t have anything like this. It’s literally just one slot for cards at that’s it. 

Final Verdict

Overall the Hit Wallet is a nice little wallet with a unique style and satisfactory functionality. Whether or not you decide to purchase this wallet will come down to if you like its look and can afford its price tag. Coming in at a high $80 this wallet isn’t for the light-hearted. Do alternative yet similar wallets exist? Of course, they do, but that’s not the point. Each wallet is unique in its own way and it’s down to you to make that choice. I personally wouldn’t spend that amount of this wallet but if you’re after a wallet with a unique design, why not?

If you’d like more information on the Hit Wallet then you can visit their website using the link below.


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