Puncube MagSafe Key Holder Review

[Buyers Guide 2022]

If you’re anything like us, the word ‘modular’ excites you. Just take a look at the super creative modular projects on Kickstarter to see why. That’s why the Puncube modular key organizer caught our eye. Puncube Key Holder is designed for everyday use. It aims to put all the tiny things we throw into our pockets in one neat box.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at the Puncube MagSafe Holder and look further at the other amazing MagSafe compatible tech/accessories that Puncube has developed to work alongside this innovative and creative technology – let’s dig in. 

PUNCUBE is an entrepreneurial team established in Colorado that focuses on the original design, has the mature experience, and excellent manufacturing supplier. We believe that good design can help your life become easier & more interesting, freeing up your time & energy to do what you love!’. – Puncube, 2022.


Puncube Key Holder

The main product, Puncube Key Holder, is a tiny rectangular box that snaps onto the back of your phone using a magnetic sticker that comes with it. Alternatively, the wallet can also in a MagSafe Version, working with Apple iPhone, that uses this technology instead to secure your phone in place. 

Once in place, the Puncube grips surprisingly well onto the magnetic sticker. It’s jam-packed with features that come in very handy with everyday use:

  • Made from tough high impact-resistance plastic
  • MagSafe-compatible
  • Two slots that fit up to two-three keys (thickness below 2.6mm)
  • The lower slot is wide enough to carry some change as well (without a key)
  • The key slot lids can be used as a kickstand for your phone in portrait or landscape modes
  • Comes with a black rubber band that can hold up to three cards or bills

Now, the Puncube is super useful, but it’s not perfect. The main hiccup might be the fact that you won’t be able to open the key slots if you put cards in the rubber band.

You could, however, put one card between the Puncube and phone, especially if you don’t want it to be swipeable. As for its main purpose, they may have done their research on all types of keys, but it goes without saying that this little box (0.25″×2.16″×3.54″) won’t fit all keys.


Puncube Magnetic Family

On its own, the Puncube is pretty useful but not that much different from a wallet case. What makes this product special is its different modules or attachments. Made from sturdy leather that’s scratch and water-resistant, these attachments were built to last. On top of the three keys and cards Puncubes can carry, its magnetic family adds to its capacity and style.

Minimalist Wallet

The most basic attachment is the Puncube organizer, which is a leather cardholder with one slot on one side and a spot for the Puncube on the other. It can hold up to five cards and a few bills.

This module is perfect for quick errands or the minimalists of us that only carry an ID and a card or two.

Badge Wallet (Lanyard)

The rambler is your work ID’s home. It has one slot for up to four cards or a couple of bills, a see-through slot for your ID, and an opening at the top for a lanyard.

Sandwich Wallet

Now this one is the most useful and our favorite. This attachment is a bi-fold style wallet that has a spot on the inner-right side for the Puncube, three slots on the left side, and another slot on the outside.

It’s a proper wallet that comfortably fits 5-8 cards, money bills, and coins, and has a magnetic flap that closes for added security. It has not yet hit the market but will be live in an up-and-coming Kickstarter campaign very soon. 


Final Thoughts

It’s nice to have your keys on you at all times without the clunky keyrings scratching up your phone or poking you through the pockets. It’s also incredibly nice to be able to throw that into your wallet at a moment’s notice.

That’s why the Puncube seems to have a lot of potential, especially with its elegant design. Note that individuals with pacemakers or conditions with which you shouldn’t use magnets should not buy this product. For more information 


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