JJ Leathersmith Lucais Wallet Review

A Vintage Wallet with Premium Materials

JJ Leathersmith is a manufacturer of leather goods that produce some of the highest quality products I’ve stumbled across in quite some time. With each wallet being handcrafted they place great emphasis on their exemplary craftsmanship, use of full-grain leather, and a classic vintage look and feel. Today we’re going to be looking at their Lucais Wallet one of the most popular wallets in their range. 

The Lucais Wallet can be described as a leather pouch wallet where cash and cards are stored within a single/double internal compartment and closed off/secured with a flap of leather that folds over the entrance to the wallet. This type of design has risen in popularity in recent years with the similarly designed Johnny Wallet, by Loyal Stricklin, being one of the most popular examples on the market. 

Its choice of leather and quality of materials is something that makes this a fantastic wallet. Made from full-grain, vegetable-tanned Ecuadorian leather provides the wallet with a highly durable and fantastic feeling wallet in the hand. Over time, thanks to this premium leather, the wallet with develop and wonderful Patina that’ll transform the Lucais Wallet into something truly unique to you. Its functionality is very standard but does a great job of maximizing the wallet’s small space (wallet size: 7cm x 10cm x 1cm) with a capacity of up to 8 credit/debit cards. 

Overall, I was highly impressed with both the quality and functionality of the Lucais Wallet by JJ Leathersmith. The wallet’s vintage look and ability to produce a quality patina can’t be understated and its compact size creates a more minimalist and great feeling wallet in the pocket. Coming in at a price tag of $85.00 the Lucais Wallet isn’t cheap but definitely worth the price if the vintage style and handcrafted nature are right for you. For more information on the Lucais Wallet and all of JJ Leathersmith’s range check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 68% 68%
  • Design 87% 87%
  • Price 66% 66%



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