Is Gucci Made in China?

We all want to make sure we’re getting the most bang for our buck, and this has never been so critical for designer wallets. Designer brands are usually hailed as the epitome of luxury, but as large brands reach heights of success they start taking risks to cut costs riding their success to further increase their profit margins. This is what leads many brands to start manufacturing in countries such as China.

The question on the agenda today is where is Gucci made, and especially, to they create their products in China. China has been at the forefront of manufacturing goods for more than 40 years, but has developed a reputation for usually low-cost, poor quality goods. This is no surprise, companies outsource their manufacturing to China for a reason. This is usually down to the cheap labor bringing costs down. This is most notably done by companies like Apple and Microsoft, or in the fashion industry Nike and Adidas. These companies are often in the news for their unethical practices and the terrible working conditions factory employees bear. 


Where Gucci is Made

Gucci’s official statement on the manufacturing of their products is pretty clear. Gucci is made and produced in Italy, in a number of factories. That being said, Gucci has a high volume of subcontractors (over 3,600 to be exact), within the supply chain, which suggests this might not be the full story. In 2013 a fire in a subcontractor’s factory, in the town of Prato, killed seven Chinese migrant works which pose the question to the ethics regarding their extensive use of Migrant labor. Gucci does not publicly list the full names and addresses of these contactors and factories although it is shared confidentiality with unions. 

Gucci products are all made in Italy, although that doesn’t excuse potential unethical practices when it comes to migrant workers, and the potential for workers’ basics rights (fair wages, heath, and safety, etc…) is highly disputed. If you’re someone who takes pride in purchasing items with a proven ethical stance then it’s unclear as to the steps Gucci has taken in taking steps in this regard. 


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