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What you need to know

Dango is a brand that specializes in tactical-style gear focusing mainly on the wallet niche. As a fairly young company, Founded in 2015, Dango first found its feet through a string of successful Kickstarter campaigns. This is where their flagship wallet, The Dango Dapper, first came to light managing to raise a massive $366,000 in one of the largest examples of crowdfunding success (for a wallet). Along with this, Dango also provides a wide range of other EDC (that stands for everyday carry) items including watches, pens, belts, and notebooks.

Dango’s philosophy is built upon the idea of redesigning products to last without reinventing the wheel. This includes fantastic craftsmanship, modern aesthetics, and long-lasting materials. Having used Dango Wallets for a number of years now they push the limits and create a true ecosystem of products that compliment each other and enhance the functionality of people’s lives across the world. 

About Dango Products

Ultimately, our goal is to surpass your expectations and design products that you’ll trust and count on. We plan to continually innovate and develop new ways of functioning in this vast landscape with style and industrial design. We appreciate you taking this journey with us”. 

Dango Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Dango M1 vs. M2? - Which is best?

The differences between the Dango M1 and M2 Wallet are subtle but worth discussing the difference they provide. The main difference comes down to look and design. The M2 has a crome finish which is highly desirable and looks fantastic (although prone to scratches). It also has some high-quality leather on the back that is lovely. 

Are Dango Wallets TSA Approved?

TSA (standing for Transportation Security Administration) is a regulatory body that deals with what is and isn’t accepted, on transportation usually referring to what’s acception to take on flights when traveling abroad. Because of the strict guidelines regarding air travel, a common question is whether or not Dango Wallets are TSA Approved, and whether you’ll be able to easily get through security without a hassle (or the potential to lose your wallet completely). 

After some quick research, the consensus is all of Dango’s wallets are TSA Approved. That being said, none of the multi-tools, that sometimes come bundled with Dango’s wallets, are not so you will have to remove any multi-tools before your flight. For more information on TSA Approval, you can visit their official website here

Do you have a Dango Discount code for me?

Dango is often quite generous with its array of coupon codes and discounts. I would always recommend waiting for a holiday season (Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, etc…), as you can easily get 10% – 15% of your order. Also, make sure to download the Honey Chrome Extention to find any ‘sneaky’ deals Dango may be having. Honey automates this process for you and applies these coupons at checkout taking the effort out tirelessly searching for any offers.

Our Dango Wallet Reviews

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Dango Vs. Trayvax - which is best?

Trayvax is probably the largest competitor to Dango as they both operate and sell wallets with the Tactical niche. Along with this, both brands are at the top of their game both being highly rated, with the majority of customers being highly satisfied with their purchase. From a price perspective, Trayvax is probably more budget-friendly with their cheapest wallet coming in at only $29.99, while Dango’s $35.00 but with more wallets on the higher end of the spectrum. 

The designs of each wallet are fairly similar usually combining intricate designs and a combination of materials such as leather and material. I found the leather used in Trayvax to be of higher quality, but it’s very close nevertheless. Overall, I recommend looking at each model individually and comparing the pros and cons of each. I can’t really recommend one brand over the other in the case of Dango and Trayvax and recommend you doing your own due-diligence in forming your judgment. Either way, both brands are fantastic and won’t disappoint. 

Where are Dango Wallets made?

Dango proudly designs and make our products in the USA and in many cases, our production process requires meticulous crafting and hand-making expertise. We stand behind our products and strive to provide the best product experience possible. 

Dango wallet warranty and returns

Dango offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their products. This shows the commitment and confidence Dango has in the overall build quality and craftsmanship of their goods. This warranty covers manufacturing defects: i.e. missing parts, torn leather, broken metal, and ripped paracords. Keep in mind though this doesn’t cover against accidents, or wear & tear including the likes of ripped leather, or chipped metal.

In terms of returns, Dango has a modest and fairly standard policy. If you’re unhappy with your purchase you can return your product within a 30-day window from the date of purchase. From here, you should receive a full refund within 7 days as long as the wallet is in saleable condition with all its original packaging. 


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