The Yubi Wallet Review

An Defunct Elastic Wallet from Kickstarter

If you’re looking for the Yubi Wallet then sadly it no longer exists. The Yubi was first launched on Kickstarter back in 2014 managing to capitalize on the so-called ‘wallet hype’ at the time raising just shy of $10,000 in funds. Unfortunately, since its success, its founder Stephen hasn’t continued to project, and getting your hands on the Yubi Wallet (brand new) is no longer possible. This article is going to look at the Yubi Wallet in detail and then provide you with some similar alternatives to this wallet that might be worth taking a look at. 

The Yubi Wallet was an ultra-thin minimalist wallet made from a strong durable Elastic Material. What made the Yubi different compared to other elastic wallets, was its clever design that maximized the wallet’s small space to provide a variety of functionality not typically seen in wallets of this size. This included its hidden cash sleeve that keeps your cash secure and safely hidden out of sight. Along with this, the Yubi also had a keychain loop, and quick draw pocket, and came in multiple unique designs and patterns. 

Overall, the Yubi Wallet was a refreshing change in, what was then, a new and emerging time for minimalist wallets. It was best suited for those who wanted a great compromise between size, and decent functionality (had a credit/debit card storage capacity of up to 10 cards). But as we mentioned earlier, the Yubi wallet is no longer available to purchase (boo). Below are our recommended alternatives to this cool elastic wallet. 

Alternatives to the Yubi Wallet

Thread Wallet: Probably the closest you’d find the Yubi wallet and currently the most popular elastic wallet on the market today. Thread Wallet provides all the functionality you need and an ever-growing range of designs to choose from. The best thing of all is the Thread wallet is very cheap just coming in a just $16.00. 

Elephant E8 Wallet: Another OG Elastic wallet. The Elephant wallet has a unique design but still sticks to the basic principles of minimalism and great storage. My favorite aspect of this wallet, is they’ve integrated a clever way to store coins with individual slots crafted from elastic. At just $12.99 it’s an absolute steal. 

Trove Wallet: Our wildcard pick. The Trove wallet is a little different combining both leather and elastic into a minimalist wallet with both style and versatility. The Trove also provides a great array of customization options allowing you to choose individual aspects of its design, and color, thanks to its editor allowing you to view your own design in real-time. 

  • Functionality 60% 60%
  • Design 74% 74%
  • Price 80% 80%


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