What is Bridle Leather?

A Brief Overview of this Premium Leather

Bridle Leather isn’t any one type of leather but refers to the process in which a piece of leather is treated (during its tanning process). Unlike most leathers Bridle leather has both sides of the leather stuffed and applied with a variety of greases and waxes. This process times a long time and theThe long slow tannage ensures that the fibers which make up a hide are allowed to remain in their natural weave producing hard-wearing leather.

Because the natural grain is not corrected by destroying the surface of the leather and applying a uniform finish, as is the case with virtually all leather these days, the weave or grain gives each individual leather goods item its own unique finish. This matures over the years to a rich polished oak color, showing any natural features, such as scars or growth marks, which give character to the leather. This is commonly referred to as a Leather Patina.

Bridle Leather has many other unique qualities that go to show why it’s so desired and why you’ll have to pay a premium price for this type of leather. Bridle Leather has a combination of both a soft and supple hide, that’s flexible to handle and can be created into many different leather goods easily. Along with this, the leather is both strong and highly durable – a double whammy of both strength and quality. 

Due to the remarkable quality that’s produced from Bridle Leather, you can easily expect any wallet to last a very long time usually upwards of 10 years or more (or a life time when proper care is taken). Overall, if you’re looking for premium, authentic style leather and are willing to pay the price then I highly recommend any leather goods product that uses this authentic and highly luxurious leather. 


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