What is a Hipster Wallet?

Let’s Define this Highly Unique Type of Wallet

Sometimes you come across odd definitions of wallets when doing research. One of these that I was dumbfounded on was the term Hipster Wallet. While the term hipster is usually more denounced, to a certain subculture, hipster wallets themselves don’t actually meet this definition, for whatever reason hipster wallets are defined, primarily as a larger style bifold with huge amounts of card slots and capacity for credit and debit cards.

Just browse through a few of the images above, and you’ll see why, these wallets are very tall in stature, and much larger in size compared to the average bifold wallet with an elongated appearance (or higher than average) number card slots for a total capacity for anywhere between 30+ credit/debit cards. If you’re the type of person who carries a lot of cards (and I mean a lot) then a Hipster Wallet might be right for you. 

An alternative approach or definition to a hipster wallet is one that caters more to the aesthetic or design of the wallet. Hipsters generally go for a more rustic or vintage style with clothing, and I’ve seen the term hipster wallet used to denote the style of these types of wallets as well. This could include a wallet with a certain age to it or one that tries to replicate this weathered style. Also known as a vintage or so-called or cowboy wallet.

Not many places actually sell bifold hipster wallets. But, generally, you can find them on a small number of sites across the web. I’m personally not a fan of hipster wallets, and there’s a number of reasons why they’ve fallen out of fashion. I guess this makes sense as hipsters tend to like to go against the grain when it comes to choice is in fashion, or just about anything, really.

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