The Walli Wallet Review

Is this wallet a scam?

The Walli Wallet is another example of the ever-growing trends in the smart wallet world. As the name suggests smart wallets are infused with technology the provides a new variety of features that traditional wallets don’t have. Unfortunately, as with many other smart wallets that found success from Kickstarter (such as Volterman) the Walli Seems too good to be true. After much research, it seems as if the Walli Wallet, and their other wearable tech, are nothing more than a scam. 

The wallet first came onto the scene as far back as 2016 where Walli first launched their wallet on crowdfunding sites back in 2016. This was a time of great traction for new innovative wallets with many wallets being funded on the site at this time. The Walli offered many smart features that have become stables in the tech world including the likes of GPS Tracking, security features, and ring features.


The Walli Wallet Scam

The first red flag for me that something wasn’t quite right with the Walli Wallet was the removal of their Kickstarter & IndieGoGo campaign pages (which date back to 2016). See if yourself by clicking the links and you’ll be redirected to ‘dead’ links where the owners removed the page. This is most likely due to the backlash caused on the page when Walli failed to deliver the wallet or those that did receive something, found the wallet didn’t work at all. Luckily, I was able to use the Wayback machine to discover the sheer scale of this potential scam. When combining both campaigns Walli wearables managed to raise around a staggering $750,000.

But what do those who supported the Walli campaign have to say? I found many instances online of just how bad the Walli Wallet really is. Below are just a few examples of those who either didn’t receive the wallet or didn’t like what they received.  Other evidence can easily be found across the internet including the likes of YouTube and Reddit. 


Community Reviews

‘I bought a wallet from them and never received it. They never responded to emails or calls. Never got a refund or any communication from them. On December 17th, 2018 I bought a wallet online form this company, which was highly recommended by consumer gadget sites and never received the item, nor a refund nor any form of communication from the company’. – From Better Business Bureau.

‘I am on my 4th Walli. Still doesn’t work properly. More of a nuisance than a help to carry. Customer support horrible. App horrible. I really don’t think this company is in real business either. Please don’t bother. Great idea for a product but this just doesn’t work’. – App Grooves Reviews

‘Paid money. No wallet. I paid for this item for $92.00. I received an email that my order was received and I would get another email when shipped. It is now 10 days later. The shipment email never came through. I have emailed them 4 times. The link for “support” on their website “no longer exists” ..They have zero posts on Instagram. No posts on Facebook for 2 years. Literally zero ways to contact this vendor. I want a refund for the item that did not show up on Father’s Day. Shame on them’. – Better Business Bureau


Final Verdict

If this isn’t enough evidence that the Walli Smart wallet is nothing more than a scam then please try your look. Another red flag for me is there’s no evidence of anyone unboxing, or reviewing the wallet on YouTube, especially if you look over the past year alone. Every video regarding the Walli is nothing more than a promotional made to look fancy, high quality, and a trustworthy business. Please be vary of this wallet brand as I truly believe you will not receive a wallet that functions as intended – if you receive anything at all. 

If you’re looking for an actual smart wallet then we can provide some legitimate suggestions for you. The likes of the Ekster Card Tracker (a device that fits in any wallet), or the Innway Accent wallet, a smart wallet that I got early access to and is everything that Walli Wallet tried to be. You can also visit our full article on the Best GPS Tracking wallets on the market today. 


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