Wallet Giveaway Results

Are you the winner of our October Giveaway?

As it’s Black Friday this month we’ve decided to Giveaway not 1 but 3 wallets. Today we’re giving away 3 of our favorite multi-tools on the market. These multi-tools are fantastic accommodation to any wallet as they improve upon any wallet and instantly provide a range of functionality that most wallets don’t have. For example, the multi-tool we’re giving away has all of the following features (plus more) including the likes of a bottle opener, a range of screwdrivers, attachable rope, and much more. 

We’re also giving you early access to our Black Friday Offer. To get 10% of any wallet in our store use coupon code ‘Blackfriday10’ at checkout. If you do so, we’ll also throw in a free multi-tool of your choice regardless if you win or lose the competition! For more information on our free multi-tool offer click here. To view our store and browse our range of wallets click here. 

Without further ado, let’s announce the results of the October Wallet Giveaway. Congratulations to the lucky winners below. We’ll be in contact with you directly (through email) to get your shipping address and will have your multi-tool shipped out to you as soon as possible. We hope you’re happy with your multi-tool, and until next month have a great November.

Fiona E.

Umesh T.

Simon M.

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