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[May 2020] Wallet Giveaway Results

Thanks again to everyone who has entered our competition this month. Instead of providing only one winner, we’ve decided to give away two wallets this month instead of one. This month’s wallet is a bit unusual and comes in as one of the slimmest wallets I’ve ever had the chance to give away. 

It is of course The Wyn Wallet. This thin piece of carbon fiber is an intricate cut to provide an innovative system for storing cash and cards. It’s a design that’s most intriguing and a wallet that clearly shows there’s still much more innovation to be done in the world of wallets. The wallet is ultra-light (thanks to it being made from Carbon Fiber) and can store an incredible amount of cards for its size. 


The Results are in!

A big congratulations to our two winners this month are Tom B. and Charmaine H. (names have been shortened for data protection reasons). Congrats again, I’ll be in touch with you personally, through email, to get your shipping address and get your wallet shipped off to you. 

Remember, that once you’re entered into our competition you’re in it for life (or until I run out of wallets). Keep updated with the results of the competition on our Facebook page, or keep an eye out on your email for the results announced on the first of every month.

If you’re yet to receive your wallet from a previous giveaway then I do apologize. Your wallets are on the way.

COVID-19: Due to the current economic crisis and the government laws surrounding quarantine, there will be a delay in the sending of any wallets won in our competition. We will keep any winners updated through email or Facebook with regards to shipping and predicted time-frames. Stay safe. 


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