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Are you our May 2022 Winner?

To celebrate our store’s second year and to announce our cooperation with French brand Ogon Designs in which we’ve become an official retailer, we’ll be giving away one of the most popular hard-cased wallets in the world – The Original Ogon Card Case.

Ogon is a brand that has been innovating in the wallet space for over 20 years now. They have stuck to their guns for this length of time creating some of the most iconic looking and distinctive wallets on the market to date. From the Original Card Case through to their latest innovation, The Ogon Slider, they continue to create fantastic products with design, quality, and durability in mind. 

Anyway onto the winner. A big congratulations to our May giveaway winner:

Sallyanne R.

Thanks very much to everyone who has taken part in our giveaway so far. We wish you a continued fantastic 2022 and a brilliant summer to come. Stay tuned for all our wallet giveaways, offers, and the latest news.


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