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[June 2020] Wallet Giveaway Results

Thanks to everyone who has entered this month’s competition. I’ve been having some trouble, due to COVID-19, in shipping to many places so if you’re yet to receive your wallet, from a previous competition, then please don’t worry. Your wallet will be with you shortly. 

Our wallet of choice for our June giveaway is one of our best yet. This time we’re giving away the Corkor Bi-fold wallet. For those who don’t know Corkor is a special brand who specializes in creating beautiful products using sustainability grown cork harvested from Portugal.

All about Cork Material

When we think of cork, it’s most often in the form of a wine stopper or office pin broad. But Cork actually has a long history with use in everyday items and its popularity is rapidly increasing with its sustainable and environmental properties becoming much more prominent in our climate-focused society. Cork also has many adventurous properties including water-resistant (hydrophobic), buoyant, elastic, and durable. This makes it a perfect material for wallets.

Unlike leather Cork is much more sustainable to harvest and produce with a tiny carbon footprint compared to its leather counterpart. This is due to the fact harvesting cork doesn’t require the destruction of trees and doesn’t promote deforestation. Instead, the trees grow until they’re about 25 years old (when their trunks are wide enough, at about 24 inches), and then the cork is stripped from the tree trunks every nine years. 

The Results are in…

Congratulations to this month’s winner Murtala S. We will personally email you asking for your shipping address and then your wallet will be on the way to you. Remember, you only need to enter the competition once to guarantee a chance to win 1 new wallet every month for as long as the competition keeps running. If you’re yet to enter our competition please click the link below to get started.


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