[July 2020] Wallet Giveaway Results

Isn’t this year going fast? Over the past 6 months we’ve given away a bunch of great wallets to some of our subscribers and this month is no different. As summer is drawing to a close we’re preparing to give away some fantastic wallets that are more intune with the months ahead (autumn or fall).

But what does that mean in practice? For me, I enjoy carrying less than the colder months as taking your wallet out when it’s freezing cold is less than ideal and certain materials fare better in situations when you might be wearing gloves and access to cash and cards might be inhibited by them.

The wallet we’re giving away today will be the Aurochs Gravity Wallet. This is a fantastic wallet that we’ve previously reviewed here. The wallets defining features are it’s a larger size that provides fantastic functionality in a wonderful traditional bi-fold design. The wallet is perfect for people who love to carry a lot with them on a daily basis and love having lots of secret slots, pull tabs, and features all crammed into a near little package.


The Results are in…

Congratulations to Mary P. who is the lucky winner of the Gravity Wallet by Aurochs. We will contact you directly through email regarding your shipping address and we’ll get your wallet out to you in the next week. Remember, if you enter our competition you’re entered for life. This means as long as we continue our competition you’ll always have a chance every month to get your hands on one of our wallets (even if you’ve already won in the past). 

If you know someone who would like to also get your hands on a wallet or have yet to enter yourself, please click below to enter and we might be sending you your brand new wallet next month! Best of luck!


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