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Are you the winner of our December Giveaway?

This is our last giveaway of 2020. I just wanted to reach out and thank you all for your continued support and congratulate this year’s winners again. We don’t plan on changing anything about our competition yet so people keep an eye out every month in 2021 for the results of any competition to come. Remember, we’ll send an email to all our Subscribers on the day along with posting the results on our Social Media (which you can follow here). 

The Giveaway Wallet

To celebrate the end of the year I had to choose a wallet that had a lasting impact on us and one to celebrate the end of this strange year. After all with Christmas, New Year, and the great news of a Vaccine, that could end this dreadful period, there’s a lot to celebrate I think. Here’s to hoping that 2021 is better and optimism is the key to this!

The wallet we’ve chosen to giveaway was one of our favorite of 2020. The Double 00 Wallet is a uniquely designed trifold (some even would consider it a quad-fold if that existed). It does a fantastic job of storing large amounts of cash in a similar fashion to a money clip and ample card storage stored internally or in a quick-access slot at the very front. 

Overall, the Double 00 is a fine example of a minimalist wallet and the only of its kind thanks to its unique design and layout. To top it off the color we’ve chosen to give away is as Christmassy as we could find in a lovely maroon red + included free multi-tool.

And the Winner is…

Paul H. 

Congratulations to Paul for winning our final competition of the year. I’ll personally be in touch with your provided email to arrange shipping and delivery. We hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and until the new year, stay safe, eat well, and drink heartily. 

Have a Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year

Happy new year all! In our first article of 2021 we discuss the furture of allthewallets.com, and look at what our plans are for the new year.


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