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[April 2020] Wallet Giveaway Results

Many thanks to all the people who entered our wallet giveaway in March. I hope everyone is staying safe in these unusual times and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are not having too much influence on your daily life.

Given the fact of Covid, we’ve decided to come right out and choose one of the best wallets we had to giveaway. This wallet has time and time again rated highly on our list of being one of the top wallets we’ve ever reviewed being echoed by the sheer popularity of this wallet across the world. The wallet we’re talking about is the Kore Essentials Carbon Clip Wallet which we’ll detail below why we like the wallet and why it rates so highly on our list of best wallets.


The Winners Wallet

The Carbon Clip wallet by Kore Essentials is the perfect combination of sleek minimalist design cram-packed with a range of functionality including the use of a lightweight carbon clip (for storage of banknotes) and a range of card slots for a great range of storage (up to 10 cards max). 

Along with the wallet’s amazing design, the wallet is also made from some of the best materials being made from full-grain leather and military-grade carbon fiber. This provides a wallet with a perfect balance between attractive design, durability, and longevity as well as a huge range of functionality. Finally, the Kore Essentials wallet also comes with RFID security which means you can have peace of mind that your money wouldn’t be stolen when out and about. 

The Winner…

Congratulations to our winner for this April 2020 ‘Sophie H’ (last name censored for data protection reasons). The results have been announced on Facebook and an email has been sent to the winner to confirm your shipping address. 

Remember, once you enter the competition you’re entered for life (as long as the competition goes on for). That means you always have a chance to win every month. Please stay tuned for the results of our next competition announced in early June. 

COVID-19: Due to the current economic crisis and the government laws surrounding quarantine, there will be a delay in the sending of any wallets won in our competition. We will keep any winners updated through email or Facebook with regards to shipping and predicted time-frames. Stay safe. 


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