Wallet Offers & Coupon Codes [Black Friday 2020]

With Christmas looming, black Friday coming, and Cyber Monday on our doorstep we decided to take a look at some of the best offerings and promotions from some of our favorite wallet brands. There’s no better time for any business to rake in the money at Christmas time. This means thousands are businesses are scrambling for your business so if you’re thinking of purchasing a new wallet, or anything for that matter, this is the perfect time to find that deal.

Although this article is made especially for Black Friday 2020, we’re going to keep updating it even after the event to bring you new, exclusive, and fantastic deals and coupon codes for you to use in the future. So bookmark this page, send it to a friend, or wait to see what other brands appear on this list. We’ll be updating it weekly to provide you coupon codes guaranteed to work.


The Ridge Wallet

Coupon Code: ‘EARLYACCESS’ (15% off)

Ridge wallet takes the crown as the most popular wallet in the world. First funded through Kickstarter back in 2013 they have gone on to reinvest the wallet industry with a product that reinvented what we thought we knew about wallets. Gone are the bulky bi-folds, as Ridge created a metal wallet with style, functionality, and durability. I talk a lot about the Ridge Wallet as its popularity provides a great comparison to other competing wallets on the market.

I can only stay positive things about the Ridge Wallet. If you’re looking for a full review please check out our in-depth review that goes into much more detail regarding the wallet. The Ridge is made from an all-metal body carved into a stylish design that resembles something quite industrial or futuristic (depending on how you look at it). The wallet is made from minimalist, those people who carry less cash and cards with them on a daily basis, and perfect for ease of use and a nice ‘none-bulky’ fit in your pocket. 

The biggest inhibitor to people purchasing the Ridge Wallet is the price. The wallet is by no means the cheapest on the market starting at a price tag of $75.00 (for the standard Aluminum version) and ranging as high as $175.00 for limited edition variants. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Ridge Wallet to give you a ridge wallet discount code for 15% off throughout Black Friday and well into early December. Just use coupon code: EARLYACCESS starting from the 20th of November. Click the link below to get started. 


Ekster Wallets

Coupon Code: Auto-applied at checkout (30% off)

Ekster is another brand that produces some of the most popular wallets in the world. Their range of wallets capitalizes on the popular pop-up wallet type that uses a metal device to access your credit/debit cards. Ekster is based in Holland, Amsterdam and like Ridge were funded on Kickstarter in 2016 raising over $300,000 in funds. 

The Ekster Wallet range has a very vintage and classic look to them while using technology built for the 21st-century man. As mentioned the Ekster Wallet’s use the pop-up mechanism that at a push of a button automatically cascade your cards outwards in an easy to access manner. This device is covered in a thick premium leather coating that provides additional space for cash and cards.

At a price tag starting at $79.00 and ranging up to a high of $119.00, Ekster is currently winning the biggest discount award with a massive 30% of all orders or 40% of all orders over $200.00. This means you can get your hands on an Ekster Wallet for as low as $55.00 and also includes other wallet accessories in their store including a tracking device that turns any wallet into a highly functional GPS Tracking Device. The best thing of all is you don’t even need to apply a coupon code with Ekster. Simply add the wallet you want to your store and it’ll be automatically applied at checkout. 


Dango Wallets

Coupon Code: Codes below (Up to $60.00 off)

Dango is one of the largest brands dedicated to creating innovative tactical wallets. The term tactical refers to a range of wallets that have features adding functionality including the likes of knives, screwdrivers, or bottle openers. These types of tactical wallets are best suited to people who need such tools and find themselves in situations where such functionality would be helpful. Think the likes of labor work or someone who frequently goes camping. 

Along with the unique functionality, Dango brings they also have great style. Many of their wallet offerings combine multiple materials, including leather, metal, and plastic, in a way that gives Dango a style that is easily recognizable. Out top picks for our favorite wallets by Dango include the T01 and D01 – both amazing. Check our full review of those if you like what you see.

Dango isn’t the cheapest brand so If you’ve been waiting for a sale to get your hands on one this is your chance. With a sale lasting up to the first of December, Dango has a range of discounts based upon the amount spent at checkout. This includes the following coupon codes:

Save $10 off orders $50 with code: BF50.

Save $25 off orders $100 with code: BF100.

Save $60 off orders $200 with code: BF200.


Harber London Wallets

Coupon Code: Auto-applied at checkout (30% off)

Harber London is a small British brand that develops a wide array of innovative wallets. If you’re looking for a choice then Harber London has really hit it out of the park. Whether you’re looking for a standard bi-fold or quirky Passport holder then they have something for everyone and have developed a brand with a classic vintage look, while combining it with innovative modern-day features. 

One of my favorite examples from Harber London is their standard and iconic bi-fold wallet. At first glance, it looks fairly normal. But that wallet has a whole host of cool features that makes it stand out from a crowd. An example of this is the magnetic clasp that helps keep the wallet closed when not in use. Finally, with a range of quick-access slots, great capacity, and is made from premium full-grain leather.  There’s no doubt this wallet is a fantastic example of ingenuity and design. Their entire range of wallets follows a similar design philosophy to this.

Starting on the 27th of November Harber London is having a site-wide 30% off promotion for Black Friday. This is downgraded to a 25% off sale on the weekend (28th & 29th), finishing off with a 20% site-wide sale on Cyber Monday. No coupon codes will need to be applied to get your hands on this deal so make sure to check our Harber London in the coming week. Check out Harber London now using the link below. 


Our Wallet Store

Coupon Code: ‘BLACK15‘ (15% OFF + Free Multi-Tool)

To celebrate Black Friday this year we’ll be offering 15% of all our wallets in our store. We launched our store earlier this year, to sit alongside our review site, only selling the very best wallets we’ve tried and tested over the years. 

We sell some of the most popular wallets on the market and a few lesser-known brands that, honestly, should be more popular. The likes of Andar (see above), Spine, Aviator, and Wingback are just a few wallets that we are proud to stock. Our latest wallet to hit our stores is the famous Johnny Wallet. Dubbed as developing one of the best leather Patina’s on the market the folks at Loyal Stricklin have developed an ‘origami’ style wallet, stitchless, clean, and at an affordable price tag. 

To claim your wallet discount apply code BLACK15at checkout. Remember, with every order from our store we also throw in a free wallet multi-tool. This credit card-shaped device enhances the functionality of any wallet provides additional features like a bottle opener, a range of screwdrivers, and more. To browse our store today visit our dedicated shop using the link below. 


Andar Wallets

Coupon Code: ‘FIVE‘ (25% Off Sitewide)

Andar Wallets produce some of the most affordable ‘premium’ wallets on the market. Their signature range of wallets is all made from Crazy Horse Leather a highly distinctive leather with a napper finish (fuzzy like Suade) and a soft, almost wet, texture thanks to it being soaked in a range of waxes and oils. They also take a vintage style and apply many innovative features to bring them up to date in the modern world. This includes secret card slots, pull tabs, and money clips. 

My personal favorite wallet in their collection is the Andar Apollo Wallet. This wallet has it all, a small size, a premium look, and a range of great functionality. And how much would a wallet like this set you back? The lower-end price of $59.99. The Andar wallet range starts at only $18.00 and ranges as high as $65.00. This is great as Andar is a brand that covers all price ranges and there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Earlier this year Andar turned 5 years old. To celebrate their 5th Birthday they’re offering a 25% off sitewide promotion. To get access to this offer all you need to do is apply the coupon code ‘FIVE’ at checkout. Andar is almost known for a range of other apparel including backpacks, and clothing which is all also 25% off. For more information on the Andar promotion and to get your hands on one of their wallets check out their official website using the link below.


Popov Wallets

Coupon Code: Auto-Applied at checkout (up to 40% Off)

Popov Leather is one of the highest quality leathercraft companies founded by one man and his love of leather. Since 2013 Popov leather has become a highly successful and respected brand and has a huge variety of wallets on offer. From slim and thin wallets through to larger passport wallets Popov has a different style of wallet for everyone to consider all at varying price tags.

Made from their signature Horween Full-Grain leather, and everything being entirely handmade, the Popov range provides a very classic or vintage look to their products. If you’re looking for a true classic that’ll last the test of time then Popov might be the right brand for you. 

For black Friday Popov has a fantastic side wide discount of 30% on all wallets and apparel. Like other offers on this list, you don’t need to apply any coupon or discount code as this will automatically be applied at checkout. The Popov offers are now live on their site and will last until the end of black Friday on the 27th of November. 


Coming soon…

Not all brands have released information on their upcoming Black Friday or Christmas deals yet. Keep an eye on this article as over the coming days we’ll be updating it regularly with more coupon codes and promotional offers. Below you can see some of the brands we’ve keeping an eye on. If you’ve discovered any great wallet offers we’d love to hear from you. Get in contact with us by email at: hello [at]

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Thread Coupon Codes: COMING SOON

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