The Touch Carbon Wallet Review

A Cheap Alternative to the Ridge?

The Touch Carbon Wallet is a knock-off version of the famous Ridge Wallet. Where this wallet comes into play is its affordability compared to the Ridge at only $29.99 (currently on offer from $99.99, but I’ve been told this has never ‘not’ been at $29.99 since it was first launched). The Touch Carbon is a simple card holder style wallet in which 2 plates, made from a metal and carbon fiber shell, securely hold your cards (for a max capacity of between 1 – 12) together with an elastic band to allow flexibility. On the back of the Touch Carbon, is a metal money clip that is durable and strong and adds an alternative way to store cash securely for up to 20 banknotes. 

  • Includes RFID Functionality 
  • 3K Carbon Fiber Weave (Matt Finish)
  • Size: 86 x 54 x 6 mm 

That being said I do believe Touch Carbon to be a ‘fake’ brand. By this I mean, they purchase cheap wholesale wallets and simply resell them at a higher price. If you look at Chinese wholesale sites like ‘Alibaba’ you can find wallets that cost less than $5.00 yet look exactly like the Touch Cabon – you can view that here. Because of this, I recommend, avoiding this wallet. If you want a cheap alternative to the Ridge Wallet then purchase them directly from the Wholesalers or scout out a more unique metal wallet in the same style. If you’re looking for a Good Ridge Wallet alternative then please check out our full article also.  

TL;DR: Overall, the Touch Carbon Wallet seems like a good minimalist wallet with good size, okay functionality, and robust construct. But I can’t get over the fakeness of the wallet as it’s simply a mass-produced wallet from China with a new brand name attached to it.


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