Titan X Wallet Review

A range of unique wallets or something else?

I hate knocking certain brands – I really do. But time and time again I keep finding new brands pop up with the intention of simply misleading customers. First of all, I’d like to pretext this article by stating I have no real issues or complaints regarding the actual wallets Titan X sells. The 3 available wallets they sell are all designs I’ve come across in the past and ones sold by a high amount of other brands on the market. That is to say, these wallets are nothing special when it comes to innovation, creativity, or design. 

Disclaimer: Everything written beyond this point is my own honest opinion and judgment and should not be taken as fact. Please do your own due diligence before making any well-informed purchasing decisions. 

The Issue with Titan X

Purchasing generic and mass-produced wallets has been an issue I come across fairly frequently when reviewing wallets. The idea is simple, go onto a Chinese wholesale site, like Alibaba, and purchase 100, or 1000 wallets, for a very low price (sometimes as low as a few dollars a wallet). Ship them over to America (or any country for that matter), and sell them at a premium. 

I personally believe that this practice is highly unethical and showcases a lack of transparency to potential buyers. When a customer is getting charged a price far above the price it cost the business then it goes from making a profit to a damn right scamming people. Not only this but we have to question the potential durability and craftsmanship that these wallets have. 

Having tested these types of wallets in the past I’m fairly confident about the lack of quality control and durability of each product. The leather quality is poor, and any metal is clearly not made with longevity in mind. For me, this seals the fate of these knock-off or mass-produced wallets. They definitely serve a purpose but only at the price, you can find them on these wholesale sites. Below is just a simple screenshot of what I believe to be the wallets sold by Titan X on these aforementioned wholesale sites. It’s with this in mind, we can’t recommend Titan X Wallets.

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