Discommon Thermoformed Card Wallet 2.0 Review

Never in all my time reviewing wallets have I come across a single wallet that puts so much emphasis on design. It’s no secret this wallet radiates style and offers something quite different to the average Jo. So I longed to try out one of these rare wallets and after months of waiting (the damn thing was sold out for way too long), I finally got that opportunity. 

The Discommon brand is not just known for creating wallets but design and innovative a huge variety of items. If you head over to their website you can clearly see they have a creative and slightly unusual take on the items they produce and this ethos is echoed in everything they set out to achieve including their signature wallet the Thermoformed 2.0. Here’s just a bit of history about the wallet and what the guys at Discommon do. Here is an extract from their website that explains it better than I ever could the ethos of a brand like this. 

‘Discommon Goods was born out of a desire to create the pieces that were stuck in our heads. Collaborating with designers from all fields (from automotive to super yachts) we have given a simple promise: work with us and we will make exactly what is in your head. No corporate bs, no market studies, no asking for approval from the product team, just unadulterated execution of creativity using the coolest materials and processes from around the world’.

Look & Design

The design of the Thermoformed wallet is by far the main selling point of this wallet. It truly is like nothing I’ve ever seen on the market with its clamshell-style design and attractive pinholes making it a pure combination of both elegance and minimalism. The sheer uniformly, and the thin slim look is something not normally seen in wallets.

This along with being made from Italian calf hide really adds to its appeal. Not many people have come across the use of calf hide before (myself included) and it’s an odd material to use for sure. Nevertheless, love it or hate it, this material has a feel like nothing else that I can only describe as incredibly smooth to the touch and durable.

The wallet comes in 3 distinct and highly attractive colors. This includes Navy with lime accents, black with yellow accents, and Grey with orange accents. These colors are cleverly chosen to really make the design of the wallet pop. One thing I’d love to see is a white version in the future with a highly stark color to contrast the white. Purple or red or even black would work beautifully and add to the wallets’ ready fantastic minimalist appearance.

Functionality & Utility 

The main issue with the discommon comes down to its lack of appeal when used in daily life. The wallet, if anything, is more of a glorified cardholder by which, I mean, cards are simply stacked within the 2 folding slots. It has a good capacity for sure being able to hold around 3 – 5 at its minimum & maximum. Nevertheless, the wallet has 2 underlying issues that need to be addressed.

The first comes down to how you access the cards. The most frustrating thing with this wallet is that the card placed at the bottom of the stack is difficult to get access to without having the maneuver between all the other cards, which means, taking them all out first before you can get to the bottom cards. The very simple task of choosing a card is suddenly a lot harder which isn’t what we need when we want to simply pay for something in a store and leave as fast as possible. The typical fumbling idiot as you try and find the correct card to pay is something I’m sure we’ve all experienced in the past and this wallet doesn’t help with the issue.

The next issue lies in its lack of accommodation for physical notes. Unless you want to stuff your notes within the 2 main card slots you have no other choice for where to store any additional items in your wallet. Not ideal in the slightest. But this isn’t something Discommon isn’t aware of. To the point where they call it the ‘Thermoformed card wallet’, spelling it out directly that you shouldn’t expect to hold physical cash in a wallet of this design. Fair enough for being transparent with customers in the first place.

A benefit of the discommon wallet is their integration of RFID blocking technology layered into the non-perforated side of the wallet. This is where you’ll want to store your most-used credit/debit card to prevent your money from being stolen through contactless technology.

Final Verdict

The wallet offers a unique and attractive design but should not appeal much to those who want tons of features and have many items, more than just cards, in their wallet. I think this wallet would best fit someone who is looking for style and already has moved away from a bigger wallet looking for a much more minimalist design.

This wallet is also very abstract and creative in its design. If you’re someone who likes the way this wallet looks and really wants a statement piece – this may be for you.

The wallet is available for a hefty $110.00. Is this worth the high price tag? As I always say it depends on what you’re looking for in a wallet. Some people will go for this wallet simply because it has limited availability and an abstract design. Others couldn’t as it doesn’t accommodate their physical needs. Unfortunately, as the guys at Discommon only produce products on a very limited lifecycle you’ll have to wait until the Thermoformed 2.0 Wallet is back in stock. I often check back with them every couple of months and they’re still sold out.

We rate this wallet 3.5 out of 5 stars. We feel the wallet lacks functionality but it doesn’t try to sugarcoat it. The wallet knows it’s meant as a design piece and by god, it does a good job at it. For me, this may be the most attractive wallet on the market to date. For more information visit the Discommon Goods website using the link below.


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