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The World’s Largest Wallet (A World Record)

I was bored one day last week when I suddenly had a thought. I wonder if there’s a world record for the largest wallet in the world. To my surprise I wasn’t the only one who had this thought and with a few clicks I’d discovered that some people had already taken it upon themselves to design, build and successfully achieve the world record for the world’s largest wallet.

‘The largest wallet measures 314 cm (10 ft 0.63 in) long and 306 centimetres (10 ft 05 in) high and was produced by the Big Skinny Corporation (USA). It was presented and measured in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on 26 November 2010. The wallet was an outsized to scale replica of an existing wallet design, manufactured by the Big Skinny Corporation’. – Guinness World Records.

The Brand Behind the Wallet

So who holds the world record for the world’s largest wallet. To my surprise, it’s actually a wallet brand and manufacturer of wallets named ‘Big Skinny, who back in 2010 achieved this feat by designing a wallet that came in at a height of 306 centimeters and a width of 314 centimeters when the wallet closes. The actual wallet was made from an elastic type material and designed after one of their own wallets with bi-fold style design and deep pockets for storing your credit/debit cards. The folds at big skinny then held a big event in Cambridge, Massachusetts where they had their world record verified and confirmed.

A Look at Big Skinny Wallets

As a brand, I’d yet to come across it would be bad of me not to mention the guys who achieved this record – Big Skinny. Founded in 2005 the brand has built a great range of wallets based on the philosophy of smaller wallets with big functionality. While looking through their range I also noticed these guys provide amazing versatility while affordable prices for the everyday consumer. 

The founder Kiril went through his frustration himself where he decided to take matters into his own hands and design the original Big Skinny wallet. From here, it took nearly 2 years of testing a dozen different wallets and testing over 75 different materials to find one that met his strict criteria for his new wallet brand. Big Skinny continues to innovate and take pride in creating wallets that fit the brand ideology and provide people with an easy and affordable way to streamline their own everyday carry. 

The Future

It really doesn’t look like anyone is anywhere near close to breaking the world record for the world’s largest wallet. Perhaps in the future someone will come along and break this record but as it standard Big Skinny can proudly claim. For more information on Big Skinny, the world’s biggest wallet and their range of wallet check their official website out with the link below. 


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