2022 Wallet Awards

Celebrating the Best Wallets of 2022

The first annual wallet awards are now live! The idea behind these awards is to bring light to some of the very best brands striving and paving the way in innovation, and craftsmanship and shrine light on some of the best new wallets that hit the market in 2022. 

The community revolving around wallets is small, but that doesn’t mean we should celebrate the hard work, creativity, and innovation that small and large brands alike put into creating amazing wallets that we can all enjoy. 

We’ve shortlisted 4 wallets in 3 separate categories which we feel best represent the wallet industry in 2022. These lists were curated from half a dozen different wallet brands from across the world. So what are you waiting for? Check out some of these amazing brands and wallets below and cast your vote today. Voting closes on the 1st of January 2023.


The Best Independent Craftsmen

The brands are only half the story when it comes it comes creativity and the world of wallets. We wanted to shine some light on some of the very best independent wallet brands that provide quality, durable and stylish wallets designed and handmade by individuals across the world.


Saangoh Leather

Unique Designs & Complex Colors

Steve created Sanngoh leather from the corner of his room in 2019. His unique designs use unique shapes and leather that’s dyed to crate abstract colors where no two designs are the same. Functional and built to last. View Steve’s Instagram here.


Willow Craft Goods

Designs like we’ve never seen before

As a family-run business based in Decatur, Texas, Willow Craft Goods encapsulates everything great about handmade leather goods with complex designs and attention to detail at its core. Check out Willow Craft Goods on Instagram here.


Open Sea Leather

Unique Designs & Affordability

Tayor’s unique style and simplicity of design are what attracted me to Open Sea Leather. Based in Honolulu, and with a community-focused YouTube Channel, they pave the way in sharing their knowledge and inspiring the next generation of leather craftsmen.


Harland Handmade

Simplicity at its Finest

Big bold designs aren’t for everyone. Sometimes simplicity is best. Harland Handmade was founded by Jacob who took to leathercraft in 2020 and offers high-quality, durable, and attractive wallets for all to enjoy. Check out Jacob’s Instagram here.

The Best in Innovation

At times, the world of wallets can get a little stale. Boring unimaginable designs are the norm but it doesn’t have to be this way. Below are some of our top picks for the best innovative wallets that hit the markets in 2022.



An Innovative Storage Wallet

Utilizing MagSafe and having developed its own innovative storage system for keys, Puncube is innovating for the 21st century and it’s modern needs. Check them out on their official website here.



Charge Your Devices on the Move

Having only launched earlier this year the SprkCharger Wallet is a game changer allowing you to seamlessly charge your smart devices on the move directly through your wallet. Check them out here.


Trayvax Venture

A Re-Imagination of the Bifold

Trayvax is probably a name you’ve heard of before, but their new Venture Wallet is something quite special. A combination of Metal, Leather, and innovative is what brings this wallet to life. 


Groove Wallet

The World’s First Sliding Wallet

Pop-Up Wallets have been all the rage for years but the Groove Takes it to the next level. Slim in design, with a simple swipe of a finger your cards, are automatically ejected. Check them out here.

The Best Newcomers

Every year thousands of new wallets hit the market. Whether it be on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, or from already established brands tying something different, this category celebrates the best new we’ve discovered from 2022. 

Mbacco™ Wallet

Mbacco™ Wallet

An Expandable Minimal Wallet

With a unique expandable ‘fan’ like design and utilizing quality and durable materials, the Mbacco Wallet deserves a place on our list. Funded only this year through Kickstarter Mbacco managed to raise a staggering $100,000 to fund the development of their wallet.


Hardgraft Atypical Wallet

A Leather Wallet like you’ve never seen before

Hardgraft has never failed to impress me with its innovation and creativity. But the Atypical Wallet really takes the cake with a fantastic example of what can be done. Check out the wallet on their official website here.


Bellroy Flipcase

Slim, Durable, and Protective

The second-generation Bellroy Flipcase is everything you need in a minimalist wallet. Sleek. durable and compact all while coated in premium leather for a traditional look & feel. 


Dun Slim Wallet

The Two-in-One Magnetic Wallet

The original Dun Wallet was released in 2017 but Dun’s latest wallet, the Dun Slim, goes above and beyond utilizing 2 wallets in 1! Let’s just say magnets are involved as well. Learn more here.


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