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The Cheapest Wallet on Amazon?

What does a £2.24 Wallet get you?

Sometimes you just want to have a little fun. I was sitting in the office when it occurred to me. ‘What’s the cheapest wallet I could possibly buy’? This leads me on a short search to Amazon where I searched for the generic term ‘men’s wallets’ and filtered the search to ‘low to high’ on the price tag. This surprisingly led me to a bunch of wallets actually selling for £0.01. I was going to buy one of these when I realized that postage and packaging was clearly the way they make their profits ranging anywhere from £6 – £10 for shipping. I decided to filter my search further only allowing wallets that had Amazon Prime enabling me to get free shipping and next day delivery. 

The wallet I ended up buying didn’t have a named and was simply called the ‘aluminum credit card wallet’ which came in at a total of £2.24. Cheap for sure, and if the images had anything to say about the type of wallet – and quality – I was going to receive then it wasn’t going to be a great purchase. Just check out a few of these amazing feats of photography below. Let’s treat this a proper review. Let’s take a look and what this wallet has to offer.

Look & Design

The first thing to note is how cheap this wallet feels. Even from the photography from the Amazon listing gave a pretty accurate take on what the build quality and materials of this wallet were going to be. Made from light flimsy plastic the quality can only be described as that of a McDonald’s toy (although that would probably be insulting Mcdonalds). It really felt cheap and nasty and something that was thrown together with little care for quality control.

One nice thing about this wallet is the range of colors it comes in. Probably a redeeming factor as most other wallet brands doesn’t include such a range of colors themselves allowing you customize the wallet to your liking. I decided to go for the ‘hot pink’ version as it was the default choice on the listing (and because I thought it was funny). 

Functionality & Utility 

The wallet is a clamshell design that when opened cascades your bank cards out in an easy to access. This is actually a really convenient way to store and access your cards. I can’t fault the wallet for this. What is worrying is the build quality on the inside of the wallet. The dividers are very flimsy and wear out quite quickly. Something to be expected for a wallet of this cost. 

In practice, the wallet is quite bulky for a wallet. This is caused by the clamshell design and the wallet can definitely be felt in the pocket when on the move. The capacity of the wallet is probably worth mentioning though. I found it can hold a significant amount of cards between 7 – 12 with ease. Pretty good for the price I’d say.

Final Verdict

Overall, for the price, it’s really hard to criticize this wallet. It serves a purpose and does it at a satisfactory level. Does it look good? No. Will it probably break within the first few months? I’d bet money on it. Nevertheless, for only £2.24 and free next day delivery this wallet absolutely fine. I won’t be using it again but for some people, it will do just fine. For more information on this cheap wallet check out the amazon page I discovered it on by clicking the link below.


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