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One of the biggest improvements we’re trying to adopt on our website is to provide a better way for people to quickly discover the right wallet for them. You might have a slight idea of the wallet you want, but with the sheer array of wallets on the market, it can sometimes be a challenge to narrow down a wallet that best suits your lifestyle, fashion style, or individual personality.

That’s why we’ve spent the last few months developing a short, but detailed Quiz, to help easily segment and showcase only wallets which we think are best for you. This short 5 question quiz only takes a few minutes to complete but will give a quick look a potential men’s wallets that are tailored made to your own needs. 

When you get your results you’ll be presented with a dedicated profile. This includes 5 different wallet styles that we believe present the majority of the masses and their needs in a new wallet. These include The Wandering Wayfarer (someone who loves a vintage leather aesthetic), The Jack of All Trades (An all-around wallet usually larger in size), The Olympian (for those who need a more durable wallet suited to the outdoors), The Business Magnate (for those who enjoy style, form and a more luxurious design) and finally The Budgeting Bastion (for those who want the very best for the lowest price tag).

If you’re interested in trying out our quiz to see what results you get then you can access it by clicking here. Alternatively, scroll down a little further and we’ve included the Quiz directly on this page for you to try out. The Questions may seem irrelevant or slightly unique when determining a wallet. But after months of testing, we really believe this is the one-stop solution to best get started in discovering the wallet right for you.


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