September Wallet Giveaway Results

Are you our September 2021 Winner?

Well, summer is coming to a close. I hope everybody has had a more eventful summer than the previous (not too hard to achieve I’d imagine). As we head into September it really starts to begin to feel like the end of the year is near, Christmas around the corner, and the weather turning for the worst. 

That being said, we’re still here giving away a new wallet each month. Today we’ve got probably one of the most niche and most unknown wallets to bring you. I discovered this obscure brand back in 2017 and have held onto one of their wallets ever since. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely is unique. 

The wallet I’ll be giving away today is the Dixtinta Wallet. This minimalist-sized wallet is compact in size while also providing huge versatility in functionality. In such a small space the wallet can accommodate everything from coins, cash, and cards all secured with a dual snap-button design. Its choice of material is also worth mentioning is made from Cork, which has a distinctive texture, look and feel while also being highly sustainable and durable. We have a full review of the Dixtinta Wallet here if you’d like to read more regarding what this wallet can offer you.

And the Winner is…

Andrew N.

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Our monthly wallet competition is still going strong, and with very few entrants you’re chances of winning has never been higher. Remember, once you’ve entered once into the competition you’re entered for life. This means that as long as the competition continues to run you’ll get a fresh chance of winning a wallet every single month (regardless if you’ve already won it before). For more information on the competition, terms & conditions, and how to enter check out our sign-up page here. It only requires a name and email address to enter. 


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