Rawhide LEO Guitar Pick Wallet Review

The Unique Pick/Plectrum Wallet

I wouldn’t normally review something that I personally wouldn’t use nor something that strays quite far away from what a traditional wallet really is. But discovering this innovative plectrum wallet, something I’ve not come across before, and the fact my flatmate is a musician, I couldn’t help but give it ago. 

This plectrum wallet does exactly what it says on the tin, being an entire bi-fold wallet dedicated to providing an easier and more streamlined way to carry picks, or plectrums with your whenever you need them. Designed and developed by rawhide customs this brand caught my eye, not just because of their seemingly amazing craftsmanship, but also because I personally live not that far away from the famous city. Rawhides themselves pride themselves upon providing wallets made by some of the most premium leathers sources by a trusted British tannery. Not only that but rawhides also creates each and every wallet by hand which adds a

Now onto the plectrum wallet. As we talked about early can’t really fault the look and feel of the wallet. It has an aged vintage look to it in turn thanks to its use of full-grain leather and brilliant color that can be purchased in either Black, Brown, or Nude (light tan). I have no doubt over time the rawhides wallet will also develop a beautiful patina as the leather gets worn in, bringing about a natural shine, distinct patternation, and a look and feel people strive towards with any leather wallet. 

In terms of its features, the wallet is aimed at any budding musician who wants a secure, easy, and attractive way to hold their pesky picks or plectrums. In total, the wallet can store up to 6 laid out in an easy-access design within the wallets 6 small perfectly crafted slots. The wallet itself is in a traditional bifold style design and is quite long taking the appearance of a long wallet. This might be a turn-off for many, as its larger size doesn’t make it easy to fit in a pants pocket and would probably have to be stored elsewhere (a guitar case is a good bet).

Overall, I was delighted with the pick wallet by rawhides and found I couldn’t fault it in terms of its craftsmanship and quality. The price is reflected in this with the pick wallet coming in at a price tag of £83.99. Pricey? It sure is, but with a wallet, that’s sure to last a lifetime, a handmade quality, and an increased personalization (monogram) we think it’s a great pick (see what I did there) for anybody who is looking for an easy way to improve the way you carry your plectrums on a daily basis. For more information on rawhides check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 65% 65%
  • Design 72% 72%
  • Price 67% 67%


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