Our Affiliate Program is Now Live!

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We’re just launched our affiliate program! A month or so ago marks the 1st anniversary of our online store that came about as a response for a centralized place to discover and purchase only the best wallet’s in the world. Our goal has always been transparency and authentic reviews so we make sure to vet, test, and only sell those wallets which we deemed to be the best in their category. Whether that be minimalist wallets, traditional bifolds, or something more unique, we want to create a place where you know you can trust with additional perks including next day delivery (the UK only), free shipping, and free exclusive gifts for anyone who purchases a wallet through us (while stocks last). 

Since then, we’ve been busy, and have had many announcements and changes to our store that I think you’ll like. With the run-up to Christmas beginning, we know that the perfect gift is essential and we believe a wallet can be that perfect personalized gift for anyone and a gift for life. 

New Wallets Available!

Over the last year, we’ve been busy stocking our store with some of our favorite wallets. We know it can be difficult to get your hands on certain brands, especially those across the pond in America, so we’ve dedicated time and resources to bring many of these brands to the UK and Europe Market as to make it much easier to purchase world-class wallets with no import fees and next day delivery. A few of our most recently stocked brands include:

If you have any suggestions on new wallets you think would be a great fit for our store please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We’re always looking to talk with like-minded people and would love to hear from you.

Our Affiliate Program is now live

If you’re a business, look to review wallets yourself or have an audience similar to ours then you may be interested in our newly launched affiliate program. We offer competitive and high returns to those businesses looking to generate additional revenue from their traffic being able to generate 10% per sale of each wallet they help make. 

We believe that we’re perfectly poised as the No.1 Review website dedicated to wallets to form long-lasting and meaningful relationships with potential affiliates to help each other’s businesses grow. For more information on what our Affiliate Program can offer, whether we’re the right fit for you, and to sign up, visit our Affiliate page. We look forward to working with you!

Discounts & Offers to Come

As previously mentioned, summer is coming to an end and the Christmas season is just about to begin. With that said, we have many opportunities for you to get your next wallet at a discount with coupon codes being released throughout the rest of 2021 including exclusive offers for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and of course Christmas. Stay tuned for these offers to come. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the latest wallets then we currently have a 10% discount, on all wallets, for the month of September. All you need to do is apply coupon code ‘SEPT10’ at checkout to redeem your offer. 

Our Wallet Giveaway!

Since January 2020 we’ve been running a highly successful Competition that gives away 1 free wallet to a lucky winner each month. We are happy to announce that we are competition will continue into 2022, and as we expand, the potential to win more wallets with increase. If you’re still not entered our giveaway then it’s very simple to do so. All you need to do is sign-up to our mailing list (click here to do that) provide an email address and name and you’re automatically entered. 

Once you’re signed up you’ll literally be entered for life and for as long as we continue to run the giveaway. Results are announced on the 1st of every month will winners being contacted directly once the results are released. Best of luck and we look forward to contacting you directly once you win!

Out Top Picks for 2021…

As we head into 2022 we’re starting a new magazine that compiles our favorite wallets of the previous year. This is almost like an awards ceremony and will celebrate all the best of the best in the wallet world with wallets being ranked and categorized based on their type, style, functionality, and innovation. This magazine will be able free online in early January 2022 and will also be available in a limited run physical copy to gets your hands on.


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