My Photo Wallet Review

The Ultimate Customisable Wallet 

My Photo Wallet is a company that provides some of the best custom wallets on the market. The process is simple, choose any photo of your liking, choose between 3 different types of wallets (short, long, and double-sided), and place your order. The process by which your photo is displayed on the wallet is very clever. My Photo Wallet uses an etching process to laser engrave images directly onto the surface of the wallet. You only need to look at the images to see the fantastic quality, and detail you can achieve through this process. It is by far the most 

The quality of the wallets themselves is probably the most disappointing aspect of My Photo Wallet experience. Made from an undisclosed soft-touch leather the material resembles a poor quality faux leather. That being said the functionality is very promising and all 3 different models provide a great array of capacity for cash and cards. The best wallet out of the three, and the one I bought, was the standard ‘short’ wallet a typically styled bi-fold wallet. It features 3 slots for cards, 1 clear slot for cards, 2 slots for cash, 2 hidden slots for cards.

Coming in at a surprisingly low price tag of $35.00 – $85.00 (depending on model) the My Photo Wallet’s are currently on offer for as low as $15.00 which in my opinion is a bargain. I think the wallet is probably best suited as a gift or a memento to a specific occasion (anniversary, birthday, etc…). For more information on the My Photo Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 55% 55%
  • Design 78% 78%
  • Price 69% 69%



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