May Wallet Giveaway Results

Are you our May 2021 Winner?

This month we’re giving away the A-Slim Yaiba Wallet, a small minimalist-sized cardholder that’s great a minimizing your everyday carry in an attractive and durable way. A-Slim has a distinctive look with a clean appearance and uses and range of usual colors to give their wallets a unique look. For example, the exact wallet from A-Slim we’re giving away is a deep rich purple color, which although isn’t everyone’s favorite, has a fantastic look to it.  

I’d just like to thank everyone once again for the support and for signing up for our wallet giveaway. We’re planning on continuing this giveaway for as long as we can so it helps to know that we have such support from our community. Anyway, I want to congratulate our May Giveaway winner:

And the Winner is…

John A.

As always, I’ll be sending out the winner’s wallet on the next working day, and I’ll be in contact with the winners directly with the provided email address. If you’ve stumbled across this page then feel free to sign up for the giveaway using the link here. We giveaway one wallet each month, and once you’re signed up, you’ll be entered for as long as we run the competition (even if you’re a repeat winner). 

Bellroy Vs. Ikepod

Bellroy Vs. Ikepod

We put the Bellroy Note Sleeve & Ikepod Wallet together in the ultimiate guide to quality, design and functionality.


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