[March 2020] Wallet Giveaway Results

Today is the results of our first wallet giveaway. Since this time last month, we’ve had over 3000 entries in the competition far exceeding our expectations. So thank you all for that. We noticed that some people have entered multiple times using different email addresses. Unfortunately, if this is the case, you will only be entered once as opposed to the number of different email addresses submitted.

We wanted to provide an impartial way of choosing which wallet we were going to giveaway. So we assigned each of our over 100 different wallets a number and used a random number generator to pick the winner. The range of wallets we own is made up of wallets from our store, along with a range of wallets we get sent to review from wallet brands and manufacturers across the world. These wallets price range anywhere as low as $10 all the way up to $150. 

The Winners Wallet

We’re happy to announce the randomly chosen wallet our lucky winner will be receiving this month is the Garzini Cavare Magic Coin Wallet. In our full review of this wallet, we rated the wallet very highly crediting it for it’s amazing so-called ‘magic features’ that allow for easy access to cash and cards while providing room for coins. For more information on this wallet check out the wallet at the Garzini’s official store here.

‘The Garzini Cavare Magic Coin Wallet is the next step in our Cavare range. Thanks to this model you can now also store your coins and keys in your Cavare wallet while maintaining the same slimness! No more loose coins and no more sacrifices towards design or sleekness. Next to the coins, this wallet can hold up to 8 cards. Banknotes, receipts and business cards can be safely stored away thanks to the Versaflex system’. – Garzini 2020.

The Winner…

Congratulations to this month’s winner Rupert! We haven’t included your full name for animality reasons and we’ll be in contact regarding shipping arrangements very shortly via email. 

Remember, once you’ve entered our competition you’re entered for as long as the competition runs (as far as we’re concerned that’s forever). Keep updated on the 1st of May for the results of our next winner. 

COVID-19: Due to the current economic crisis and the government laws surrounding quarantine, there will be a delay in the sending of any wallets won in our competition. We will keep any winners updated through email or Facebook with regards to shipping and predicted time-frames. Stay safe. 


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