The Best Legend of Zelda Wallets for Men

If you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda Video game series developed by Nintendo then you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Zelda Wallets, that is, wallets made with design accents including the famous Zela Hylian Shield, or Logo then this is the article for you. Nintendo has licensed many Zelda themed wallets over the years and this article is going to go through some of the best examples on the market today. 

The main issue I’ve had with Zip Wallets over the years comes down to the way they’re designed and the way they’re integrated into a wallet. A lot of the time the Zip feature becomes the dominant feature of the wallet and other features – like storing your notes and cards – are overlooked and often shoved aside in an attempt to make way for the elusive Zipper. 


Zelda Hylian Shield Wallet

If you’re a fan of the classic chain wallet and want something with a little extra security. What makes this wallet really stand out is the large metal Hylian Shield that sits directly on the front of the wallet and contrasts nicely with the included chain that’s made from the same type of metal. The Zelda Wallet itself is a tri-fold style with great functionality for cash and credit/debit cards, but that does come at a cost. The wallet is quite large in size coming in at approximately 4 x 1 x 5 inches which makes the wallet quite noticeable in the pocket. This wallet isn’t for minimalist lovers but for people who tend to carry more than most people. 

The material is made from Faux leather and includes a snap closure that keeps the wallet firmly shut when not in use. One thing that shows the quality of this wallet is the fact its officially licensed Zelda Wallet that shows with its great build quality and attention to detail. For more information on the Zelda Hylian Wallet check it out on Amazon using the link below.


Legend of Zelda Gold Wallet

If you’re looking for a Zelda Wallet that stands out from a crowd then the Legend of Zelda Gold wallet might be for you. This wallet resembles the size and shape of the classic Nintendo NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Cartridges that are used to load the different games. Obviously, this one is styled on the original retro game The Legend of Zelda that kickstarted the Zelda games series.

As mentioned the look and design of this wallet is distinctive, to say the least, with the entire outside of the bi-fold being made from faux leather but coated with a shiny smooth gold color. As an actual wallet, this one is very similar to others and you’ll see a recurring theme of simple bi-fold style wallets on this list.  The wallet 5 card slots that can hold up to a capacity of between 1 – 10 cards along with an ID Slot, and a full-width slot at the top for banknotes. Apart from that, the wallet is pretty simple and another affordable Zelda wallet for those on a budget (only $21.95). For more information on the Zelda Gold Wallet check the Amazon page using the link below. 


Zelda Pixel Art Wallet

For the lovers of the original Zelda games, this Pixel art inspired bi-fold wallet takes the original sprit art and logo from the original Gameboy game and showcases them all over the surface of this wallet. The wallet itself is fairly standard when it comes to its design and size. Coming in at 6 x 5 x 3 inches the wallet isn’t large but isn’t small either. The wallet has a range of card slots along with an ID Window for showcasing any Identification (driver’s license) or employee ID. The material of the wallet is a hard fabric material (undisclosed) that provides a strong and durable appearance. 

Finally, at a price tag of only $17.99 this Zelda Wallet is another prime example of how wallets don’t need to break the bank. The functionality is simple but it does a great job for those who have to carry a decent amount of cash and cards with them. For more information on the Zelda Pixel Art Wallet check out the wallet on Amazon using the link below. 


Zelda Link Badge Wallet

Probably my favorite wallet on this list. The Zelda Badge wallet as I’m calling is a fantastic looking wallet that is intricately made with a combination of different materials to form a wallet that really excels in providing the look and feel of a Zelda game. The outside also includes a metal link badge (shield), that isn’t too bulky in that it can be felt in the pocket or adds any additional unnecessary weight to the wallet. 

In terms of the functionality of the wallet, we’re sticking to the bi-fold style here. It has a good capacity for cards including a number of external and inner slots for a storage capacity around 1 – 8 cards. The full-width card slot can accommodate a range of currencies from around the world and the ID Slot is perfect for easily showcasing your ID Card. This Zelda wallet comes in at $26.99 and can be found on Amazon for easy purchase. For more information find out more by clicking the link below. 


Zelda Hyrule Wallet

If you’re looking for a bold wallet that really showcases its Zelda inspired design then look no further than the Hyrule Money clip wallet. Being all black in color the Hyrule symbol printed on the front and with a bold look has a fantastic contrast being completely colored in shiny gold. The wallet keeps a classy look while not being too overly garish for those who want a nice compromise between a normal wallet without drawing any attention. 

As far as the wallet goes this wallet also likes the addition of an attachment point (or ring) that allows you to use it with a wallet chain if you so wish (chains sold separately). Apart from that this Zelda Wallet has an average size, ample capacity for cash, and cards with an included ID Card slot. The full-width note slot at the top, included on most classic bi-fold wallets can fit a range of currencies from USD to GDP. The wallet isn’t the best quality in terms of its leather type (genuine leather) but that’s more than reflected in its affordable price tag of $27.99. For more information on this Hyrule Zelda Wallet check out the Amazon listing using the link below. 


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