King Loots Wallet Review

A Multi-Functional Leather Wallet

The King Loots Wallet is a modern take on the classic leather bi-fold. A wallet with a smaller size, range of unique features, and a good build quality to match. Made from a full-grain cowhide leather the wallet is of great quality with a high degree of craftsmanship. The leather has a soft touch feel to it but is also less malleable than other leathers on the market (although that can be broken in overtime). The wallet also comes in a great array of color variations, (including red, blue, grey, and black) which is fantastic for those who want a wallet to meet their own individual style. 

In terms of functionality, the King Loots wallet can store between 8 – 10 credit/debit cards spread among 5 dedicated card slots. Many of these slots have their own unique features as well including a Pull Tabs, and ID Card Slot. Cash is stored within a metal money clip that lies in the middle of the wallet and clamps down on the cash to hold it secure. It’s not the best method for cash storage (a classic full-width slot is better) but does allow for the wallet to take a smaller size (3”in x 3.75”in x .35”) which is nice for those who want a more minimalist wallet. 

With this all being said, I still want to point out the King Loots Wallet is fairly generic in terms of its design. I can reel off many other brands that have almost identical wallets in design (the one that comes to mind is the Andar Apollo), which makes me skeptical at the King Loots authenticity. Along with this,  the wallet is much more expensive than these similar brands coming in at a hefty price tag of $97.00 (reduced to $74.00). Even with the reduction this isn’t worth the price in my opinion as other near-identical wallets already exist but at a much cheaper price. Below are a few examples of these cheaper wallets for you to check out (it’s hard to deny the similarity of them all).

TL;DR: A good wallet, but not good enough for its price. The King Loots wallet can be found under other brand names but at a more affordable price point. For more information on the King Loots Wallet, and their full range, check out their official website using the link below. 

  • Functionality 71% 71%
  • Design 63% 63%
  • Price 45% 45%



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