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Kickstarter Wallets of the Month #3

We’re back again with another wallet roundup from the latest crowdfunding projects currently live in February 2020. February was a fairly disappointing month with no real standout projects but did offer some insight into how I feel the rest of the year will go. We’re definitely seeing stagnation in innovation and this is very apparent with a few of the wallets that have started crowdfunding this March.

It seems unimaginative and copycat wallets are simply a way for people to make some quick money and I personally see it misleading people into purchasing a wallet that can be bought elsewhere. There is one exception to this with a truly creative and unique wallet which I’ll get onto later in this article. Let’s dig in.

The Lux Wallet

Let’s start with the bad. Currently sitting at $594 pledged with 24 days to go the Lux wallet is a rip off of the infamous Ridge wallet that has found much success over the past few years. It’s crazy to think they thought nobody would notice that blatant copycat that the Lux wallet is. Sure, Ridge doesn’t have any copyright or patent claims to their design but the fact these people are actively suggesting and mislead people into thinking this is an original design is simply wrong. You only need to read the first sentence of their Kickstarter description to see what I mean:

‘After searching everywhere, I had almost given up on finding the perfect wallet for myself. I dedicated to taking a different route, creating my own line of wallets, wallets that I would design and produce myself’. – A creative genius /s

It’s funny how your design skills ended up creating a wallet identical to others on the market. I really can’t condone backing any sort of wallet like this. I don’t come onto Kickstarter to see people get misled into thinking they support truly innovative design. This is blatant lying and you should not back this project.

The Brass Wallet

Although clamshell-style wallets have existed for a long time, the Brass wallet, currently raised over £1000, is the first example of this design made with metal in a premium and attractive material such as brass. The idea of the creation of the wallet was from a couple who suffers from Mysophobia (fear of germs) who set out to design a wallet that would tackle the issue revolving around the build-up of bacteria on traditional wallets made from leather, cloth or nylon. 

It’s a good point they make. How often do we really consider how dirty our wallets are? I guarantee most people don’t consider washing their wallets, but we do it with our clothes, so why not with our wallets? I sure didn’t so it’s a good philosophy to base the idea of a new wallet around. 

The basis of using brass isn’t just for aesthetic reasons either. According to the Kickstarter page being made from a ‘pure alloy’ allowing germs to be killed off instantly in their own right (well 8 hours actually). It’s a fun and nice concept and I’m really digging the sleek uniformed look. The Brass wallet is definitely one to keep an eye on. For more information on the Brass Wallet check them out with the link below.

The Kubi Wallet

At first, I was a bit confused about what made the Kubi wallet unique. On the surface it just looks like another typical bi-fold. But after watching their video I suddenly realized that the wallet is meant to serve a particular niche – Photographers. 

The Kubi does a good job of all the standard features you’d expect from any wallet. Ample card storage and enough room for any cash. But it also provides niche functionality such as the ability to store Micro SD cards. This is something – as an amateur photographer myself – that would be a great feature as having an easy way to switch between memory cards is something that can be a hassle. 

I wouldn’t exactly recommend this wallet to someone who isn’t into photography. The choices in Bi-folds are so high, better wallets definitely do exist. But for those with a passion for photography who want a better way to store SD cards the Kubi wallet might be a great option. For more information on the Kubi Wallet check them out with the link below.

JackL Wallet by Rever

If I could describe the JackL wallet in one would it be – fugly? The wallet isn’t exactly easy on the eye but does offer a great range of functionality for people who travel a lot and are looking for a way to easily store everything they need when on business or holiday. 

I’m not going to go into every feature the wallet has but the main premise is a ‘jack of all trades’ approach with a large amount of storage, a zipper for cash and even a holder for a pen. As you’d expect from a travel wallet it has a dedicated slot for your passport so you can keep everything you need when traveling together in a neat little package. For more information on the JackL wallet check them out with the link below.


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