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Kickstarter Wallets of the Month – January 2020

It’s that time of the month again where we look at all the wallets which are currently trying to raise money and earn your cash for funding. This month we’ve got some weird and wonderful wallets currently being funded and perhaps this dictates the sort of decade we’re going to have going forward.

The 2010s were defined by innovation and minimalism in what people wanted so this decade is going to be something to keep an eye on as we evaluate whether this trend in downsizing our wallet continues or some new trend comes about. Let’s take a look at my top 5 picks for January 2020.

The Wramer Bi-Fold Wallet

One trend I’ve seen in recent years is the increasing rise in the number of wallets made from odd materials that go beyond leather or even what we might consider an unusual material such as metal or wood. The Wramer wallet is one of these wallets and its unique selling point is being made from a 100% welded construction which is seamless, sweat and high abrasion resistant and eco-friendly. 

The material used is also highly attractive and although the wallet doesn’t add anything new from a functionalist perspective I really like how it looks. I’d imagine that this wallet is going down the route of being a wallet which will last and can be used by people who want something hardier during more outdoor type events.

‘The 100% welded construction creates a minimalist, modern and refined aesthetic. The Cordura TPU coated fabric is incredibly strong, durable, water-resistant and resist stretching over time’. 

The Glasses Wallet

The name kind of says it all with this wallet. Although this is more of a purse than a wallet I thought it was worth mentioning. The wallet very much looks like a typical purse in style with a typical long profile and tri-fold style. The obviously unique aspect of this wallet is that the wallet has a fully integrated glasses case on one of the sides. This is much like you’d expect and has room for your specs while providing ample padding to prevent your glasses from getting crushed. 

Although it’s a cool idea I really need to bring some logic into this type of design. As glasses are bulky in themselves I can imagine this wallet is very functional in terms of trying to carry less. The great thing about glasses is you can keep them on your face, or at the very least on your head. It’s a cool idea but I’m skeptical about how well this feature would work in practice and how often people who even use it. 

‘This revolutionary wallet is ingenious, innovative and trendy. It is the perfect accessory to protect your cards and your glasses! With its amazing full grained leather, minimalist design and anti RFID system, this ultra innovative wallet is a MUST HAVE. It can hold 10 credit cards, banknotes, receipts, ID card and protect your pair of GLASSES. Our ambition is to revolutionize traveling accessories, in order to accompany travel lovers in their daily life. Stay tuned!’.

The Bando 2.0 Wallet

The most successful wallet on Kickstarter at the moment (having raised just under £100K at the time of writing) the Bando is unique but doesn’t offer anything new we’ve not seen before. The wallet is designed to be as small as possible while still retaining some unique functionality that we like to see. The best feature of the wallet is a seamless pull tab that instantly cascades your cards out in a way that makes them easy to access and put away. 

It also has a range of other features that let you store additional items like keys and a silicone grip dot band to help prevent again slipping (some issue I’ve never personally come across before).  Overall, the wallet is nice to look at and seems like its made to a high enough quality. The best thing about this wallet is its price tag and Bando says it’ll retail at around $18.00 which is a great and fair price. 

The Ziggie Belt Wallet

I can’t say much more about this wallet other than its a wallet which attaches to your belt and that you’re mention to wear around your waist. I personally think this looks a bit silly and I can’t personally say this is a trend which I think will catch on.

The main reason for this is the security issues that come with wearing your most previous daily carry with you on your belt. Have you ever been in that situation where you quickly check your pocket to see if your wallets still there? Imagine this but never being able to feel your wallet. It’s also visible which means it could be subject to being pickpocketed more easily. One to avoid in my opinion. 

Innway Accent Smart Wallet

The final wallet I’m going to look at is the Innway smart tracker wallet. In a nutshell, this wallet highly resembles the Ekster range of wallets while a small compact design, cascading card mechanism and a tracker aspect that syncs to an app so you can keep track of your wallet wherever you are. 

My issue with the wallet is it doesn’t do anything different than what other similar brands have already accomplished. The wallet lacks any unique individually and it really just seems like one of my clones we’ve I’ve come across already on the market today. It’s a nice idea but one which has already been done so with that I’d be skeptical. 


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