Kickstarter Wallets of the Month February 2020

It’s that time of the month again where we go through some of our favorite wallets currently being funded through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. This month we’d have a slight increase in listings and some unique wallets (and accessories) worth mentioning. Last month was definitely disappointing as the range – and quality – of the wallets being funded was on the low side so let’s hope for a better result this month. Let’s get started.

The Flip Wallet (HOLDDER)

Probably the most innovative wallet on this list (I’ve not come across this style of design ever) is the Flip ‘HOLDDER’ Wallet. Although I’m not a fan of the name, the wallet has a creative take on the way you access your cash and cards when on the move.

The wallet is made from leather but the inside compartment is pivoted which allows you to flip out the compartment that stores your cash for easy access. This is a great mechanism as it keeps your wallet nice and slim but still allows functionality that meets the need of the carrier. 

The Flip Wallet only has 12 days left to fund (and only 4% funded) so its a good bet the wallet isn’t going to be successful. Nevertheless, I think the wallet has potential and with some better marketing, branding, and photography I think the wallet can come back stronger than ever. For more information on the Flip Wallet click the link below. 

The Wooden Ridge

Probably the most attractive wallet on this list. The self-dubbed ‘wooden Ridge’ is a Ridge wallet inspired wallet made from beautifully crafted wood and resin. This creates a truly unique range of abstract designs each as unique as the next. 

This wallet reminds me of the Carved Wallet (see this wallet in our top wood wallets review) which is similar to using wood and resin to create beautiful designs. The advantage of this wallet is its created around a style of wallet (the Ridge Wallet) which is an incredibly functional and well-respected wallet in the community. 

I think this wallet has the most potential to succeed and this is probably one of those rare cases that I’ll probably back the Kickstarter campaign myself. For more information on the Wooden Ridge click the link below.

The Kajji Wallet

Resembling the Esker or Craft wallet, the Kajji is an innovative take on a hard-cased style wallet that uses a push lever to easily access your cards. The images on Kickstarter probably don’t do the wallet any justice (as it’s just a range of 3D mockups) but the wallet does seem to have potential with its patent-pending interlocking LID. 

Once the lever is pulled the LID automatically opens cascading your cards out in an easy to access fashion. The LID is probably the most noteworthy innovative – as opposed to other similar wallets – as it helps keep your cards provided and not prone to falling out. It’s a wallet with great potential and I’ll be keeping an eye out for when we get a more concrete design. For more information click the link below.

The Power Wallet

A phone case wallet with a difference. The Power case allows you to easily charge your smartphone while on the move with this clever little phone case wallet. I really like the idea and it provides enough additional battery to make a real difference according to its creator. I also like the sleek design and the inclusion of this additional battery doesn’t take anything away from the overall design of the wallet. For more information on the Power Wallet check them out on Kickstarter with the link below.

Forkanife Wallet Accessory

There is a big trend in developing reusable products at the moment and I’m not surprised by global warming and being at the forefront of the news in recent years. The Forkanife wallet accessory is exactly this and attempts to solve the problem of single-use plastics in this nifty accessory.

This provides you with a way to store a knife and fork seamlessly into one of your wallets card slots. This accessory very much reminds me of another Kickstarter project – back in December last year. While this product isn’t as attractive or as aesthetically pleasing it does seem like a slightly more functional way to achieve the same end goal. For more information on the Forkanife click the link below.


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