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Kickstarter Wallets of the Month #1

Which Crowdfunded Wallet are the best?

Kickstarter has always been a place where people can bring their dream products to life. With a little innovation, style and the need to solve a problem Kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites have become the No.1 place for entrepreneurs across the world. And wallets are no exception to this. Since 2014 wallets have been a hot choice for investors to throw their money at the latest designs and innovations in wallet designs. 

Each month more and more wallets appear on the website with the hope of striking gold. This monthly segment will be all about those wallets and the latest wallets you can back with your cash. Let’s take a look at the wallets that caught my eye for the last few months.

Pixel Wallet

Having recently finished its funding 1 month ago the Pixel wallet is a combination of minimalism and intuitive design. While they only raised just over £2,000 (with a target of £1,800) the Pixel wallet is definitely nothing special. But what I do love about it it’s utilization and combination of usual materials with it being made from both wood and and an elastic material. 

This is what the designers had to say about the wallet:

‘If you love minimalist design or simply think your current wallet is too bulky for your lifestyle, you’ll love Pixel Wallet. Pixel Wallet was designed with you in mind and combines every function a wallet should have without the unnecessary.

Whatever your lifestyle and routine are, we truly believe Pixel Wallet can integrate seamlessly. Because we believe in carrying only the essential.

What truly differentiates Pixel Wallet from the other wallets out there is its unique mechanism and the fact that you can 100% customize the wallet. Yes, you read right! We offer more than 100 combinations for you to choose from’.

Another one of the selling points of the wallet is the customisation options available. With over 100 different combinations it definitely takes the prize for the most customisable wallet i’ve come across and that really is a great selling point. But in my eyes that wallet really lacks any unique individuality especially when it comes to it’s features and functionality. It seems it would be hard to store your notes easily and with cards stacked upon each other would be difficult to traverse the cards you want when you want them. 

If you’re interested in more information on the Pixel wallet check out their Kickstarter page by clicking here.

GoSun Flatware

Although this isn’t a wallet it is a device meant to be carried in one. The idea behind GoSun flatware is to create a sustainable way to carry utiles with you on a daily basis and forgo the endless amounts of plastic knives and forks we probably all use on a daily basis. It’s a fantastic idea to be honest and what adds to the concept is the sexy appearance of said utensils. They just look damn good and it’s probably half of the reasons people are backing this project having raised over £200,000 at the time of writing. 

That being said, we need to bring some realism to this great project. Although I’ve not yet managed to get my hands of the GoSun I’d be curious to how well they fit inside the everyday mans wallet. I’ve carried bulky metal combs and multi-tools in my wallets in the past and I’ve always felt they bulked out my wallet to the point I can almost feel them in my pocket. Since these will most likely be larger than said multitools I feel this project could be too good to be true. 

Nevertheless, if you want to back this awesome idea why not check out their kickstarter page by clicking here.

The Ace Wallet

The wallet offers a unique and attractive design but should not appeal much to those who want tons of features and have many items, more than just cards, in their wallet. I think this wallet would best fit someone who is looking for style and already has moved away from a bigger wallet looking for a much more minimalist design.

This wallet is also very abstract and creative in its design. If you’re someone who likes the way this wallet looks and really wants a statement piece – this may be for you.

The wallet is available for a hefty $110. Is this worth the high price tag? As I always say it depends on what you’re looking for in a wallet. Some people will go for this wallet simply because it has a highly limited availability and abstract design. Others couldn’t as it doesn’t accommodate their physical needs. Unfortunately as the guys at Discommon only produce products on a very limited lifecycle you’ll have to wait until the Thermoformed 2.0 wallet is back in stock. I often check back with them every couple of months and they’re still sold out.

Balanst Premium Wallet

Here’s a wallet that’s trying to do something a little different. In fact, on the surface this doesn’t really even look like a wallet and that’s a plus to me. The Balanst wallets mantra is all about security. With built in RFID capability the wallet is really trying to push the importance of protecting yourself against fraud. I’ve personally never had any issue with not having RFID functionality on my wallet but as contactless payments are becoming more readily used this may change.

With a smooth sliding access mechanism to easily access your cards and cash the Balanst seems really effortless to use. Along with this we must mention its design. With a more clamshell appearance the wallet looks more like a cardholder than a wallet. This is also being pushed as a feature as it helps better conceal your cards again adding to the privacy aspects of the wallet. 

Having currented raised over £20,000 on kickstarter the Balanst wallet seems like it’s here to stay. For more information on this wallet and to back it click here.


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