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Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [April 2020]

In its midst of current economic events, it’s no surprise that the Kickstarter Roundup this month is a little sparse, to say the least. The actual data shows that searches for crowdfunding platforms such as ‘Kickstarter’ or ‘Indiegogo’ are at an all-time low, or comparative low, since the platforms were first launched over 10 years ago.

This month more people have searched more for ‘toilet roll’ and/or ‘cut own hair’ than they did Kickstarter by quite a large margin. Check out the graph by Google Trends to see for yourself the way COVID-19 is clearly affecting everyday life and the way we spend our money (or in this case don’t).

This month I only found 3 wallets, all currently being funded on Kickstarter, worthy of showing you. Funnily enough, although there isn’t much choice this month all of these wallets are actually unique and have a lot of unique features that make them stand out. Let’s take a look at each in turn. 

Vext Slim Wallet

There’s not much to say about the Vext wallet other than it’s a fantastic little wallet. The guys at Sleek Life Design have really gone above and beyond to really think about each and every feature within the Vext wallet, and come up with a range of innovative features to tackle common issues from easy card access through to its attractive slim design reducing unnecessary bulk.

The first thing to mention is the design. Made from either a sleek aircraft-grade aluminum or carbon fiber the wallet has a clean, minimalist look that really stands out from the crowd. One of the biggest design points to mention is the V-shaped window. This not only acts as an attractive design accent but is cleverly designed to easily swipe through cards to find the card you’re looking for (Max capacity of 9 cards) without the need to take any card out. 

Finally, the Vext is also wrapped in a secure elasticated money band. This band is used to keep cash folded and secure and allows for easy access when on the move. Along with this the money band also has a discreet pocket on the back which allows for the storage of small items like keys or even coins. 

To conclude, I’m really impressed by the capacity of the Vext wallet. It looks the part, has great storage capacities and applies an innovative take on easy card access. I can’t wait to get my hands on one in the future to really see if it lives up to the hype. At the time of writing, the Vext has is still a little way off securing funding for the project. Check out the Kickstarter campaign today using the link below.

Zero 3 Hybrid Wallet

There’s only one way to describe the Zero 3 Wallet – A jack of all trades. The wallet seems to do it all but at the same time doesn’t seem to do any one thing particularly well. Nevertheless, the wallet seems to do everything to a satisfactory level which in itself is an amazing feat considering the tiny size of the wallet. 

The Zero 3’s attention to detail is what really makes the wallet shine. They have really utilized and maximize the space the wallet has hiding little features in every corner or crevice of the wallet. This gives the wallet a very capable level of functionality but does give the wallet a slightly cluttered look. Check out the list below for all the different features the Zero 3 wallet offers:

  • Internal elastic strap
  • Controlled magnetic closures
  • Quick access slot
  • Zipper slot for coins (and other small items)
  • RFID shielding fabric
  • Carbon fiber twill leather (seems to be genuine leather which as you know is one of the worst quality leathers).
  • Sim card slot
  • Open cash slot

The wallet really does do it all and I respect the effort to include such a huge array of features. I can’t really comment on how well I think these features all work together in a small package but I’m excited to see what this wallet will bring in the future. For more information on the Zero 3 wallet and to support their campaign click the link below.

nevoQ Charging Wallet

The nevoQ wallet is probably the most unique wallet this month taking the traditional wallet and turning it into a unique ‘smart’ wallet that enables you to charge your smartphone. This in itself is enough to attract many people to the nevoQ but that’s where the positives end in my opinion. The issue around the neroQ wallet is it doesn’t handle the charging aspect of the phone in a nice way. The wallet creates too much bulk and just looks very unattractive from the pictures provided on the Kickstarter campaign.

nevoQ really put all their eggs in one basket with the idea of wireless charging, yet have completely failed to appreciate or consider the look, design and other functionalities of the wallet. The wallet really does look like one of those tacky leather bi-folds, perhaps your dad or grandad used to have. I have no other words to use other than ‘ugly’. Sorry guys.

That being said, the idea of having a wallet that wirelessly charges your phone is a fantastic, unique and new feature I’ve not really come across in wallets before. Would I personally sacrifice the design of my wallet for this feature? Not at all. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care for design and continually finds yourself running out of battery on your phone this wallet might be for you.

The wallet is built on an amazing idea but the execution is poor. I don’t like the look of the wallet or the way the charging technology is built-in and presented on the wallet. For more information on the nevoQ Wireless charging, wallet check out the Kickstarter campaign with the link below.


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