Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [November 2020]

We’re quickly approaching Christmas and already we’ve seen a surge in some interesting wallets on crowdfunding sites Kickstarter & Indiegogo. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to bring you such a huge selection of wallets to view since this year, for obvious, reasons has definitely seen a reduction in the number of wallets being crowdfunded. Today, we’re going to go through 5 different wallets, each all very different in style and type, and see which is over favorite Kickstarter wallet for November 2020. 

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Focx Wallet (Complete Series)

The Focx range of wallets is a brand I’ve been familiar with in the past having reviewed their R.01 Wallet in the past (which is a great wallet). The two new Focx Wallets, dubbed the C.01 and C.02, are actually a redesign of their original wallets. These wallets improve on the original Focx Wallets better capitalizing on and maximizing the wallet’s wasted space and improving its functionality with better and easier access to your cash and cards.

Continuing with the premium quality of the Focx brand, each wallet is made from a combination of elastic & full-grain leather the wallet exceeds quality and craftsmanship. The C.01 & C.02 both are fantastically designed and are perfect for minimalist lovers coming in at the tiny size of 8.7 x 5.9 x 0.6 cm. In terms of functionality, the Focx Wallets can store between 8 – 10 cards while also been able to store between 1 – 6 banknotes easily (folded). Other features include quick access slots, a D-Ring for attaching other items or to a belt, and an NFC Chip for RFID Security for combating credit card fraud. 

Focx has already secured its funding raising over £60,000 with stuff plenty of time left to back. Coming in at a predicted retail price tag of £27.00 (around $35.00) the Focx is an incredibly affordable and well-priced wallet for the quality and assurance you get. To get your hands on the new range of Focx wallets check out their Kickstarter page using the link below. 


Tenuis 3 Wallet

The Tenuis 3 Wallet is a wallet recently funded through a crowdfunding site known as CampFire (A Japnese site website). It managed to raise an incredible $500,000. The wallet itself is very unique being made from a combination of Goat Leather, known for its incredible durability and hardiness, and a canvas style material. This provides a unique texture and appearance but its main properties come from the wallet’s longevity and strength meaning this is a wallet that could last a lifetime with proper care. 

Like many Japenese wallets, that put an emphasis on capacity, over size, the Tenuis wallet is very functional with a decent capacity of 1 – 6 credit/debit cards, room for decent banknote storage (thanks to its full-width card slot), and even a zipper slot for storage of other small items like coins. This coin pouch also has dividers included on the inside the help better organize items in a way where they’re easy to access.

We don’t exactly know the eventual retail price of the Tenuis Wallet but based on its ‘backing’ price we can assume it’s somewhere around the $80.00 mark. This is a very reasonable price especially considering the high quality of craftsmanship the wallet offers. We also have a full article dedicated to the Tenuis Wallet, that goes into more detail, that you can view here. But, for more information on the Tenuis Wallet check out their official website using the link below. 


Etnix Wallet

Although the Etnix Wallet isn’t exactly doing too well so far (they haven’t raised a penny), I thought I’d give it an honorable mention as the wallet is a unique idea and definitely one that reflects the COVID-19 era. The wallet itself is a fairly basic bi-fold but they’ve integrated a system by which the wallet can carry and accommodate a Facemask. The wallet is designed to store a single typical single-use mask by which it uses two pieces of leather (flaps) to fold over and keep the mask in place. 

The Etnix Wallet itself is fairly large in size coming in a larger size (not for minimalists), and has some pretty basic functionality including a decent credit/debit card capacity (up to 15 Cards) and a full-width slot for banknotes. The wallet is only made from a Genuine Leather, which is you know your leather types, is one of the lowest quality leathers on the market. This gives me a reason to doubt the overall quality of the wallet and how long it might last overtime – just something to keep in mind. 

It’s hard to know if this is the most functional way to store a face mask. Honestly, I feel like more often than not it should probably be on your face so I wouldn’t want to promote a wallet that takes away from using the facemask. There’s also the issue of hygiene. Wallets can get pretty dirty, and never get cleaned, so I unsure whether or not the inside of a wallet is the best to store a face mask. For more information on the Etnix Wallet check out their Kickstarter page using the link below. 


Tumbao Wallet

What attracted me to the Tumbao Wallet was its distinct little variations to the classic leather wallet design with a great array of functions and unusual color designs that resemble the color scheme of watermelons (green & red).  Tumbao is a Latin-American phrase for when something has an allure that captures the attention of all those around it.

Where this wallet really stands out is in its use of Vegan Leather. This type of leather, made from cactus bio-leather, has many fantastic properties, not just in its great feel and durability, but also it’s a sustainable alternative to typical animal leather. It’s no secret that the leather industry is very unsustainable in its practices and causes a lot of environmental issues. This is down to the way animal leather is harvested, more so cattle, and how growing, looking after, and eventually harvesting leather, 

The Tumbao range of wallets is great as they go against the typical leather wallet and make something that I’m sure with be much more commonplace in the future (if we want to succeed at combating goal warming that is). The actual designs and functionality of the wallets are okay with slim designs and ample capacity for cash and cards. For more information on the Tumbao Wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign using the link below. 


Sinest Metal Wallet

The Sinest is a wallet I’m all well too familiar with but not because I’ve stumbled across the brand before. It’s because the Sinest wallet is a style of metal wallet that isn’t original nor one that you couldn’t already find on wholesale sites. For example, the Sinest wallet is identical to the likes of The Bankr Stack or Tauros Wallet.

It’s hard to defend the similarly of all these wallets so it’s hard to make a properly informed decision whether or not the Sinest wallet is actually original or simply a copycat. If I want to invest in a wallet then I’d prefer to be transparent with you and the Sinest Wallet isn’t exactly original nor does it provide any additional features than the previously similar wallets don’t have. 

At present, the Sinest Wallet comes in at a price tag of about $35.00, but I really doubt it’ll ever get fully funded as it currently only sits at £136.00 (out of a goal of £2,711). As mentioned, I don’t advocate the purchase of these copycat wallets as I feel they mislead and con buyers into thinking they buying a truly unique wallet. For more information on the Sinest Metal Wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign page by clicking the link below. 


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