Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [May 2020]

We’re back with another Kickstarter Roundup for the month of May. This month we’ve only got 3 wallets to bring you as the choice on Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter is still at a relative low. As I mentioned in my previous month’s review this is probably down to Covid-19 and hopefully, as we begin to come out of this pandemic we’ll hopefully see a resurgence in the number of new wallets trying to gain out trust through crowdfunding in the near future. 

These 3 wallets that I’ll be going through today are all currently live on Kickstarter, and to varying degrees, succeeding with their crowdfunding goals. The wallets on this list are all based on the fantastic design with an innovative take on integrating a range of unique features for a better carry experience. Let’s check out what these wallets have to offer.


Bordo Mini Wallet

Having previously used wallets made by the team at Bordo I have no doubt into how fantastic this wallet might be. The first thing that makes this wallet stand out is its unique design and amazing use of materials. This tri-fold inspired wallet is made from beautiful Italian leather with a smooth soft finish. What makes the Bordo Mini wallet unique is how they integrate suede patterned material on the inside of the wallet to give a really unique, and frankly traditional, look and feel to the wallet. 

Along with its fantastic use of materials and build quality the Bordo Mini Wallet also has some amazing functionality to match. The wallet is designed in a tri-fold style, is secured with a button clip, and has a range of utility including full-width banknote storage and capacity for coins through a zipper. Overall, the wallet is a beautiful take on the traditional leather wallet and its unique appearance is enough to grab anyone’s attention. For more information on the Bordo Mini Wallets’s Kickstarter campaign check them out using the link below. 


Smart Wallet by Holt Evans

The so-called ‘smart wallet’ by Holt Evans is probably my favorite wallet on Kickstarter this month. The wallet combines a range of functions in a tiny little minimalist wallet and does so in a unique way. It’s rare I can say that a slim wallet can retain the functionality of its larger counterparts but somehow the Smart wallet has done exactly this. 

Along with great capacity for cash and cards, the wallet also integrates some amazing innovations in design allowing the wallet to shine in how it works in daily life and what you can do with it. The innovative pull tab, key clip carabiner, and included multi-tool are just the beginning of what the Smart wallet can offer. The multi-tool is highly versatile and includes an additional 13 functions including knife-edge, bottle opener, screwdriver and saw. For more information on the Smart wallet by Holt Evans check out their Kickstarter campaign with the link below. 


Suave 2.0 Wallet

Although the Suave 2.0 wallet doesn’t do anything particularly special in terms of innovation I can guarantee a wallet with amazing quality that’s built to last. There’s no doubt that this is a beautiful wallet and based on what we all know and love about the traditional leather bi-fold. That being said the wallet does try to fill a niche dubbing itself the ‘photographers’ wallet with space for a Micro SD, a SIM, and two SD Cards. The everyday man wouldn’t benefit from these storage solutions but as an amateur photographer myself, I can see why it might help.

Apart from that the wallet benefits with some great storage capabilities including the capacity for up to 12 cards, and 20 bills (it does fit international currency). Along with this the wallet also has RFID functionality and a range of quick access slots to help make accessing your cards a breeze. 

Finally, the wallet is probably one of the most elegant I’ve come across. The use of high-quality full-grain Italian leather and amazing quality. It’s clear this wallet was made by a master craftsman and everything from the stitching through to the beautiful logo is quality beyond quality. For more information on the Suave 2.0 wallet check them out on Kickstarter with the link below. 


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