Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [June 2020]

This month we’ve got some great wallets to bring you including one of the highest and most funded wallets I’ve come across in quite some time. I feel that we’re finally starting to pick up after a massive lull thanks to the current economic crisis and global pandemic that is Covid-19. That being said, it’s still blatantly clear that funding is still down and the average number of wallets, and probably products, being funded on Crowdfunding sites is painfully low. 

We have quite a great range of wallets today including one of the most funded wallets I’ve seen in quite some time. We also have a multi-tool that might take your fancy and a crazy slim ‘jack of all trades’ wallet that isn’t pretty but sure is functional. Let’s take a look at the range of wallets currently being funded on Kickstarter for the month of June.


The Zeus Wallet

Dubbed the King of wallets by their creators (modest) the Zeus wallet is one of the most innovative wallets I’ve come across for quite some time in terms of both design and functionality. This ‘smart wallet’ hosts a variety of technology-infused features including

All within a metal aluminum body. The distinctive feature of the Zenus wallet is its magnetic mechanism. This allows you to seamlessly slide between different compartments of the wallet for easy access and security. The wallet also comes with smart technology features and is the first metal wallet on the market to do so. This allows common smart features including real-time notifications, find my phone, and a unique flashing light system.

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed by the Zeus wallet. It’s been quite some time since I’ve come across a wallet that innovates beyond the norms of most wallets and it’s a breath of fresh air in a crowded and over-saturated market. As of writing this article, Zeus Wallet has already raised over $100,000 in funds. For more information on The Zeus, and to get your hands on one yourself, check out their Kickstarter page with the link below.


The Skyda Active Wallet

The Skyda Active wallet is a niche wallet aimed at people who live an active lifestyle and want a wallet that helps in making your life easier when exercising. The Skyda is a long wallet made with the capacity to store a range of larger items, including your cash and cards, such as your phone and keys. It’s made from a 3 layer waterproof fabric for protection against the elements along with a full wrap-around zipper for maximum security. 

Overall, the wallet is a nice take on helping those who want something more to protect and store everything they take with them when exercising. The Skyda wallet has not yet reached its funding goal of £8,600 so if you’re an avid sports fan or simply want something to help protect your stuff against the elements checks out the Skyda wallet on Kickstarter today.


Horizon Ruler Multi-Tool

Something a little different this month. This specialized multi-tool is purposely designed to provide fantastic functionality being a ruler, compress, protector, and more and perfectly fits inside your wallet card slots. Although most people will wonder why this is necessary but for those people who find themselves needing tools like these on a daily basis and want a convenient, compact way of having access to one. 

The multi-tool itself is made from high grade 304 steel to create a lightweight tool yet retaining much-needed strength and longevity. The Horizon Ruler also has electroplating that adds a non-corrosive layer to our Horizon rulers Nickel plating improves performance and reduces premature wear and tear. Finally, you get the choice between black, silver, and gold colors along with additional colors available depending on the success of the campaign.

Currently, The Horizon Ruler has raised over £3,000 with their small goal of £4,000. But with 30 days still to go you’ve still got plenty of time to get your hands on the Horizon Ruler. For more information on this Kickstarter campaign check it out using the link below. 


The Artisanal Wallet

Somewhat a usual wallet the Artisanal can only be described as a mashup of different materials, styles, and features all within a compact-sized wallet. Let’s start with the negatives. The Artisanal wallet isn’t much to look at. With a variety of different materials used (elastic and leather) along with features crammed in every direction, the wallet has a ‘rough and ready’ appearance to it.

Where the wallet really shines though is with the range of features it has. Although the Artisanal doesn’t excel in any one feature, being able to have such a huge variety of storage options in a wallet of this size is quite a feat to achieve. Below is a quick breakdown of what the Artisanal Wallet can offer you.

  • 12 card capacity
  • Store up to 6 keys (on a handy pivot mechanism for easy access)
  • Dedicated slot for banknotes (notes do have to be folded)
  • RFID Blocking technology
  • Duel magnetic compartment for coins

It’s hard to fault the sheer ambition this wallet has to offer and in the future, I’d love to see how it performs in practice on a daily basis. Will it perform well? Or will the sheer amount of features crammed in this tiny wallet inhibit usability too much? For more information on the Artisanal EDC Wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign with the link below.


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