Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [July 2020]

We’re well and truly into summer now and while previous months have had a great range of wallets on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo the month of July is a little lax, to say the least. This post we’re going to be going through 4 distinct wallets available but honestly before I even start the review, there’s really nothing that starts out from the crowd (maybe 1) so I’d recommend checking out June’s or even May’s Kickstarter Roundup as the wallets available then we’re much more innovative and creative.


Novel Book Wallets

There’s something incredibly beautiful about the Novel Wallets. The idea is simple. Take the art from classic literature and design a wallet to look like the fronts front and back cover. If you’re an avid reader and love to cuddle up to a good book then I see no reason why this wouldn’t be a great pick for you or as a gift for someone else.

The wallet itself is designed in a typically classic bi-fold style, to resemble the opening and closing of a book, made from vegan leather and clothbound to give a book like texture and feel. The range of books you can choose from our large and varied and include such classics as Huckleberry Finn, The Works of Beatrix Potter, and even the Bible. For more information on the Novel Book Wallets check out their Kickstarter page by clicking the link below.


The Monogram Wallet

The Monogram Wallet is probably the best wallet on this list. The defining point is the inclusion of a custom Monogram that the team at VERGEco will design unique to you when you back the crowdfunding campaign. A Monogram is a unique logo or design based on your choice of initials. With the Monogram Wallet, you get the choice between 2 different wallets. The standard Bi-fold and the Cardholder. Each is handcrafted from full-grain leather and handcrafted to perfection. Over time you can guarantee a beautiful patina will develop on the surface of the wallet. 

For a full review of the Monogram Wallet check out our in-depth article here. Otherwise, check out their crowdfunding page using the link below. Currently, they’ve smashed their funding goal with still 30 days left. This could be your only chance to get your hands on one of the most unique wallets to be funded on Kickstarter for a long time. 


The Smallet Wallet

Dubbed as ‘probably the world’s smallest wallet’ the Smallet is an intriguing piece of elastic folded in such a way to create an interesting take on a minimalist wallet. Being essentially a double looped thin elasticated band the Smallet is cleverly designed to provide great functionality in a slim attractive little package. The wallet has 3 card slots for between 1 – 5 cards with cash being folded and stored under the same elastic. 

The Smallet also has a hidden key compartment on the underside of where the logo sits with room for one key. An innovative feature before something uncommon in any wallet never minds an ultra-minimalist one such as this. Finally, the wallet comes in a range of vibrant and more standard colors to choose from ranging from red, blue, black, and even yellow. For more information on the Smallet check out their campaign using the link below.


The Clean Card

The origin of this wallet accessory is built on the needs of the present time we live in. With the Covid-19 still very much in our minds, the ‘clean card’ multi-tool has been developed to help combat and hopefully reduce the risk of spreading the infection (much like a mask would do). The clean card is a super slim, touch-less brass card shaped tool meant to be used to avoid contact with publicly used places. 

Think of things like doors, elevator buttons, or light switches. These are all items used by multiple people hundreds of times a day. The Clean Cards usability then becomes very clear with a purpose-built tool to avoid touching these things on a daily basis. For more information on this innovative 


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