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[September 2021]

This month we’ve got some fantastic Kickstarter campaigns to bring you in the world of wallets, and the return of a few veterans in the wallet space. From September onwards I’d expect the sheer volume and variety of wallets, or anything on Kickstarter for that matter, to dramatically increase. This is simply down to the fact we’re existing out of summer and into the holiday seasons with the likes of Black Friday and Christmas edging every bit closer. 

As always, if you missed any of our other Kickstarter Wallet Round-Ups then make sure to check them out. Although the campaigns may have already finished many of the wallet brands are already available to purchase directly through their online stores. 

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Wingback Winston Card Holder

Wingback is a wallet brand that always has a special place in my heart. Having funded many wallets through Kickstarter in the past years they’ve never ceased to amaze me with their great variety of wallet designs and exemplary craftsmanship using some of the finest quality leathers in the world. The latest Kickstarter project, the Winston Card Holder, continues this theme with an innovative leaf spring system that helps improve the functionality of such a small wallet.

The leaf spring was developed to combat an issue where storing fewer credit/debit cards could create a loose fit where cards are less secure and have the potential to fall out when not handled with care. The spring system ensures its symmetrical dual pockets retain a right fit meaning if you only carry 1 card or 10 cards, the tightness and security are always retained in equal measures. This metal divider also acts doubly effective as it isolates your cards from contactless card payments helping prevent you from becoming subject to the rising crime of card skimming. 

As I would have expected the Wingback Winston cardholder has already smashed its modest funding goal of $2,752 within the first hour of going live. The Winston Card Holder will eventually retail at a price tag of £75.00 (around $103.00) but can be yours through Kickstarter at an introductory price of £55.00 (or $76.00). For more information on the Wingback Wiston Cardholder Wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign page using the link below. 


Kisetsu Shinkai Wallet

Kitsesu is another brand I’m fairly familiar with having been a big fan of one of their previous Kickstarter campaigns back in 2018. Their original wallet, the Kaizen Wallet, was an original and innovative take on a modern bi-fold wallet combining traditional craftsmanship with modern-day features. Their latest Kickstarter campaign is for their latest wallet the Shinkai Wallet, again, another wallet that goes above and beyond in innovation. 

The Shinkai Wallet is dubbed the world’s first ‘3-Way Wallet’ as it comes essentially with 2 wallets that can be combined to adapt and change to your daily needs. The first wallet is similar to the Kaizen and is a functional bi-fold wallet with an array of features including hidden slots, pen storage, and even the ability to store SD or SIM Cards. The second wallet, is a Card Holster, a more minimalist-sized wallet utilizing the popular pop-up or cascading card mechanism. Where the two wallets collide is the ability for the two wallets to stick to one another thanks to a strong magnetic panel. This securely combines the two wallets doubling your capacity and functionality for when you want to carry more. 

So whether you just want to carry the bi-fold, card holster, or both of them combined (hence the 3-way wallet) you can and swap between them based on your ever-changing needs. This is something I’ve only come across before in the Ekster Card Module Wallet (so I don’t think Kisetsu can claim ‘world’s first’ unfortunately. 

As an already well-established brand, the Shinkai Wallet has managed to already raise a phenomenal amount of money, at the time of writing, has raised $100,000 USD. A great versatile and novel wallet I can’t say the Shinkai isn’t an amazing-looking wallet. For more information on what the Shinkai wallet can offer you check out their Kickstarter page using the link below. 


The Kt1 Wallet

I always enjoy brands that try to not only create a functional wallet but an attractive spectacle, design, and unique look that goes against most bog-standard boring wallets. The Kt1 Wallet has attempted to do exactly this with a unique all-metal design that is unique enough to always standard apart from other wallets on the market. 

The Kt1 takes a similar design philosophy to many similar metal wallets on the market. With cash, and cards being stored within a single slot that also acts as a way to protect your belongings (no cash or cards or stored from the outside), while also providing RFID protection to effectively prevent issues from card skimming. In total the Kt1 Wallet can store up to 8 credit/debit cards and a handful of banknotes.

If you’re considering backing the Kt1 Wallet then there’s a good chance you’re a fan of its design. Like I previously mentioned it’s unique and innovative, to say the least, and has a look that I can’t say I’ve stumbled across before. The wallet is made from stainless steel and CNC machined into a complex shape with a choice of patternation being either Honeycomb or Isogrid shaped. Along with this, it’s available in 4 different colors including Black, Bronze, Gunmetal, and Champagne. 

Currently, the Kt1 wallet isn’t doing as well as I thought it would have had only managing to raise $663.00 of its funding target of $5,000. That being said, it’s still early days in the campaign. I really enjoy its unique look and would love to try and test its functionality further to see how well it performs in daily life. For more information on the Kt1 Wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign page using the link below.


Copper Clean Wallet

Back during the depths of Covid-19, and lockdown, I stumbled across many wallets and items designed and developed with cleanliness in mind and help reduce the potential for the spread of bacteria. This is achieved through a wallet made entirely of Copper that uses self-sanitizing antimicrobials properties to automatically sterilize the surface of the wallet keeping it clean.

This is only possible thanks to what is known as the Oligodynamic effect which serves to explain why certain metals have these incredible properties. Although many different types of metal have self-cleaning properties, its copper that really excels in killing a variety of microorganisms including those such as E.Coli, MRSA, and even Influenza with more research being conducted yearly to explain the exact cause of why this happens (it’s still fairly unknown).  

To better benefit from the self-cleaning properties, the Copper Wallet has been designed in a way to maximize this feature’s potential. In the case of this wallet, it’s designed in a hardcase design where all your cash, cards, and other items are stored within a sealed enclosed case/container. Inside, the wallet can store a huge variety of items organized in a fanning mechanism where cash and cards are segmented for better organization. 

At the time of writing the Copper Clean Wallet has managed to raise a modest $15,000 dollars easily beating its initial crowdfunding goal. Overall, I like the uniqueness and quality the Copper Clean Wallet offers and think, for a certain demographic, and considering the new covid reality we live in will do very well. For more information on the Copper Clean Wallet check out their official IndieGoGo campaign page below.  


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