Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [September]

I can’t believe we’re already into September where has this increasingly depressing year gone? I think we can take some solace in the fact many countries are slowly transitioning out of a lock-down style society with shops, restaurants, and bars reopening with vigor. This can also be seen on Kickstarter, and specifically with wallets, as the number of crowdfunding projects available to back is rapidly increasing from the lows we saw through March and April. 

Today, we’ve got 5 new wallets to go through. I’ll be honest, none of these wallets is crazy special. In other words, they don’t do anything we haven’t seen before. Nevertheless, some of the choices today are distinctive in their own way and definitely worth considering if you’re a wallet fan like me. Below you can find some of our previous wallet round-ups below.

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The Ronthea Walletic

The Ronthea Walletic wallet is a reinvention of the traditional bi-fold updated with features for the 21st-century man. While being made form high-quality leather and coming in at a minimal size the Ronthea Walletic does a great job of balancing a smaller sized wallet (compared to other or traditional bi-folds) with a great variety of functionality. When I say the Ronethea has a lot of functionality I’m not joking. These guys have managed to utilize every bit of space possible to maximize what the wallet is capable of. 

This includes a huge variety of features including your typical cash and card storage, but also a range of more unique features. From coin, Sim card, or SD storage, through to quick access slots, RFID, and multi-tool storage (made comparable with the TTool Multi-tool device previously funded by the same company). Overall, the Ronthea Walletic is a nice simple design but with crazy functionality. For more information check out their Kickstarter campaign today with the link below.


Apolloase Card Case

The Apolloase Card Case doesn’t look like much on the first inspection but where it really shines is its solution to a very recent modern issue. I’m of course talking about the Covid-19 Pandemic and our collective efforts to be more conscious of our cleanliness and preventing the transmission of germs to each other. Obviously masks are and should be compulsory. But what often gets overlooked your hands at the fact doors, buttons and other public areas are being touched by potentially thousands of people every day.

The Apolloase Card Case aims to help with this issue and provide an inbuilt ‘touch stick’ that integrated within the body of the wallet to tackle this. This touch still can be extended from the button of the wallet (see image) and can be used as a make-shift finger for pushing buttons, and the likes, without having to get your hands involved. Apart from this unique feature, the Apolloase Wallet is very simple in design. Its made from a unique matte leather and has ample room for cash and cards. For more information on the Apolloase Card Case Check them out directly using the link below. 

RAW Rapid Access Wallet

RAW ‘Rapid Access Wallet’

The Raw Rapid Access Wallet is a minimalist metal wallet that is unique in appearance and simple in functionality. In terms of design, the RAW resembles the likes of the Decedent wallet in the fact the wallet resembles are ‘frame like’ structure giving it a very distinctive and industrial look. 

The wallet works by sliding your cards (stacking them on top of each other) into the frame for a snug fit. The wallet is made in the USA and is a machine engineered from a single block of aluminum for a lightweight yet durable EDC. Finally, the Raid Access wallet comes in a nice array of vibrant colors including red, blue, green, and traditional colors like black and silver (not colored). For more information on the Raw ‘Rapid Access Wallet’ check out their Kickstarter page using the link below. 

Wentworth Leather Wallet

Wentworth Leather Wallet

Finally, we have the Wentworth Handcrafted leather wallets. It’s back to basics with the Wentworth Wallet with a classic high-quality appearance with their minimalist cardholder being made from Full-grain Wickett & Craig English Bridle Leather and Hand-stitched with Japanese thread. The wallet is all about attention to detail and the wallet really looks the part with a clean minimalist look. 

In terms of the Wentworth’s functionality, it doesn’t offer much besides the storage of credit/debit cards across two distinct card slot. A larger one for the main bulk of your cards, and a small one at the side for either your most used card (for easy access) or banknotes. Overall, the Wentworth isn’t anything special when it comes to the sea of leather wallets on the market. But if you’re looking for a limited edition wallet that’ll be unique to you then its definitely worth your consideration. For more information on this wallet click the link below.


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