Kickstarter Wallet Round-up

[October 2021]

This month might be the largest array of wallets available on Kickstarter but it does have one of my favorite wallets being funded this year. With Christmas edging ever closer this is the time where more people are beginning to spend more money and the array of campaigns we’ll start seeing will dramatically increase. 

As always, if you missed any of our other Kickstarter Wallet Round-Ups then make sure to check them out. Although the campaigns may have already finished many of the wallet brands are already available to purchase directly through their online stores. 

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The Patina Metal Wallet

By far the most innovative and creative wallet on this list. The Patina wallet is a minimalist-sized metal wallet that has a coiled metal design something I’ve not come across before. If you look at it from the top or bottom you can clearly see the unique design in which the metal is bent around in a way that creates distinct areas for where your cash or cards can be stored. The largest section is meant for credit/debit card storage with up to 10 cards being able to store here. The remaining smaller area is where physical banknotes can be stored and slotted in and being accessible from the outside of the wallet (capacity up to 6 bills).

Its wallet is named after the general process of metal patina. In simple terms, this means that over time the wallet with developing its own unique look as the metal is handled developing a darker color and small scratches creating a more vintage look similar to other antique metal items. It’s a distinct and unique look, and not for everyone, but very popular with wallets on the market today which is what the Patina Wallet is striving for. 

Overall, the patina wallet is by far my favorite wallet being funded this month. This is mainly due to its unique design, one that I’ve yet to see on the market, making it a unique pick for a wallet that stands above generic knock-offs and classic designs. Currently, the wallet has smashed its funding goal of $10,000 having raised $18,000+. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this wallet myself and so should you. For more information visit their Kickstarter campaign page using the link below. 


Hot Shot Fire Survival Tool

Although not a wallet the Hot Shot Fire survival card is a unique wallet accessory specifically designed to be carried in most wallets thanks to its shaped. The multi-tool is shaped and sized exactly the same as any standard credit/debit card as is the first multi-tool I’ve come across with its own specific use case. 

As the name suggests, the Hot Shot Fire is aimed at those who want an easy way to start a fire with various tools included that provide exactly that. The multi-tool comes with a flat ferrocerium bar to a waterproof magnesium tinder bar, a high carbon steel striker, knife, saw, and more.

Being made from high carbon steel makes the multi-tool highly durable and long-lasting meaning you can guarantee you get your money’s worth when backing the project. Grimworkshop is renowned for its quality and durable products and has successfully funded many other Kickstarter campaigns in the past. 

Overall, the Hot Shot Multi-Tool is a great little accessory aimed at those people who enjoy the outdoors and partake in activities where survival and fire-starting are a must. Its compact design makes it seem less to carry and allows for quick access at a moment’s notice. Currently, the multi-tool has raised an amazing $60,000+ in funding easily surpassing its funding goal (of just $5,000). For more information on the Hot Shot Fire survival tool check out their active campaign using the link below. 


The Kumu Zero Wallet

The Kumu Zero Wallet is an interesting hybrid wallet made from a combination of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather and elastic. It has a cardholder style design and a minimalist disposition being able to hold up to 7 cards and a small number of banknotes. Their unique selling point seems to be based on the idea that wallets are boring and a wallet that has more personality and style, based on unique color offerings, is something that people want. It’s a cool premise, and the Kumu Zero Wallet offers a decent array of color options to choose from.

That being said, it’s a little bold to say no other brands provide variations in color or style something I didn’t like about their campaign video. The likes of Secrid or The Trove range of wallets also are highly renowned for their eclectic array of customization in design. The ironic thing is the wallet is only available in 12 variations of color which is far below many other brands and definitely doesn’t support their statement of ‘The most colorful, vital and largest collection of leather wallets ever made’.

As you can probably tell, The Kumu Zero Wallet isn’t one that got me excited. It isn’t the wallet that annoyed me – I think the design is cool – it was more the pretentious marketing that makes the Kumo out to something that it’s not, and shoving unnecessary unproven claims in the faces of potential customers. The wallet is good, and their ethical stance having the wallet made from recycled and quality materials is admirable. 

But the marketing is all wrong and doesn’t portray a true representation of the wallet. It lives in an echo chamber of pretentiousness like they’ve reinvented the wheel or something trying to do whatever is necessary to sell a lie. Perhaps this is why the wallet isn’t having much success on Kickstarter at present having only secured their initial funding goal of $3,500+, but who am I to say? For more information on the Kumo Zero Wallet check out their campaign page using the link below. 


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