Kickstarter Wallets Roundup [October 2020]

To say this year has been a mixed bag of Crowdfunded Wallets would be an understatement. We’ve had everything from the worst to the best. As the year draws to a close, I’d be excited to see what brands develop with the Christmas period being an optimum time to capitalize on people scrambling for the perfect gifts – who doesn’t love a new wallet from Christmas? 

Today, we have another range of wallets to bring you being crowdfunded through Kickstarter this October. From ultra-minimalist wallets like the Super Slim 3, to the cascading card Stirk Wallet. These 6 wallets all how their own unique advantages, disadvantages, and price ranges so be sure to do your own research before deciding to stake your hard-earned cash. Let’s look into detail and see if any of these wallets are worth your investment this October. 

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Supr. Goods

Supr Goods is an older brand that first funded a successful wallet all the way back in 2012. The brand is known for its range of incredibly thin minimalist wallets that first started with the original Supr Slim that used an all-body elastic material. Their newest offering is The Supr Slim 3 range that has already successfully raised over $40,000 on Kickstarter and offers an updated look and feel to the range. This includes 2 new minimalist wallets (the Flip & Fold) both handmade from both fine grain leather and elastic and has great storage for cash and cards based on their size. 

Although we don’t know the actual retail price you can currently back the Supr Wallet range of Kickstarter with a pledge of $49.00 or more (that’ll get you one wallet), with estimated delivery being around December 2020. For more information on Supr check out the Campaign directly using the link below. Alternatively, you can check out their official website here. 


Lejiled Minimal Wallet

The Lejiled Minimal Wallet is a unique and modern take on a classic leather wallet. Where this wallet stands out is its combination of minimal size with a range of functionality including great card storage, quick access slots, and even room for coins. This is all achieved through its stitchless and clever design that maximizes space. The Lejiled Wallet itself is made from a premium top grain vegetable tanned leather. This is a perfect choice for material for a wallet that is stitchless and folds like origami to fit together. 

Currently, the wallet has only raised a small capital of around $7,000. Considering the uniqueness of the Lejiled I’m almost surprised it hasn’t raised more as it truly serves as an innovative take on the traditional leather wallet. You can currently back the wallet for a price of around $50.00 with estimated delivery of December 2020 – an absolute steal in my opinion. For more information on the Lejiled Minimal Wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign page using the link below. 


Dark Knot Pro Wallet

We’ve been personally approached by Dark Knot to revel one of the latest wallets to be funded through Kickstarter this October. Our first impressions of the wallet, without actually getting our hands on it, are great and it really has a unique, modern, and sleek look to it (also thanks to its 5 very unique colors options).  

Our only metal wallet on this list today, the Dark Knot Pro combines a sleek all-aluminum design, with an external money clip to provide a one of a kind wallet experience. The wallet itself can hold up to an incredible 15 – 20 credit/debit cards along with providing RFID blocking capabilities to keep these cards safe from contactless card fraud. The previously mentioned (removable) money clip is a welcomed choice in a wallet of this size and allows for seamless access and storage of banknotes at a breeze. 

Although the campaign is not yet live I have high hopes for the success of the Dark Knot Pro Performance wallet. It has a modern innovative design with great functionality considering its slim size. For more information on the Dark Knot Wallet check back here or keep a lookout for when the campaign goes live sometime this October.


The Strik Wallet

One of the more ‘rough and ready’ wallets on this list. The Strik Wallet takes a unique approach to a minimalist wallet with a cascading or fanning system for accessing your cash and cards.  The wallet itself is in a bi-fold style when once opens revels its segmented card slots that seamlessly fan your cards out in a way where you can easily access and store them when out and about. 

With a maximum capacity of up to 7 cards and room for cash folded the wallet is very well designed combining a smaller size (63mm x 91mm x 5mm),  and minimal exterior. With a high-quality top-grain leather and RFID shielding thanks to its metal blocking plates the wallet is a great option for people who want something a little unique and carry more cards than a typical person.

Funding currently sits at just over $1,000 with over a month left to go (as of 01.10.2020). The price you’d need to pay to get your hands on the Strik Wallet is $39.00 with estimated delivery being around December 2020. For more information on the cascading Strik Wallet visit their Kickstarter page using the link below. 


Mustache Comb Wallet

A very niche wallet, the Mustache Comb Wallet is targeted at those who enjoy growing a good beard/mustache and are looking for an optimal way to care and carry a dedicated comb with them at all times. Speaking personally, I can’t grow facial hair for the life of me (curse these genes) but I can appreciate the effort and design of the Comb wallet as its one of the best examples of this type of wallet I’ve come across yet. 

The wallet itself takes the appearance and uses a similar mechanism to many popular cascading card wallets on the market (think of the likes of Ekster or Secrid). The difference with the Mustache Wallet is the inclusion of a cleverly designed stainless steel comb that can also fit within this cascading mechanism and can seamlessly slide out with a push of a button. 

The Mustache Comb has currently raised only a small amount of capital of $300.00 (of a goal of $15,000). This suggests that the wallet will never come to market but with time left anythings possible. For more information on the Mustache Comb Wallet check out their campaign using the link below.


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