Kickstarter Wallet Round-up

[November 2021]

Some odd, some unusual, and some damn right awesome. This November we have a bunch of great wallets to bring you that are currently being funded through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. This month, and the rest of the year, is usually when the crowdfunding season reaches its peak as more people are likely to part with their cash during the busy Christmas Season.

With that being said, you’ll generally find a lot more wallets, and other products, attempt to get their products crowdfunded leading to more competition, higher demand, and better prices for backers/customers. Today we’ve got five wallets that we handpicked as our top Kickstarter wallets for this November – Let’s jump right in. 

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Walleon Smart Wallet

The Walleon is a wallet I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time. The wallet itself has been in development for over 2 years with its creator, Georgi Dyulgerov, having developed a community revolving around the up-and-coming wallet showcasing its uniqueness and innovation. The Walleon itself is a smart wallet the type that’s infused with a variety of different technologies to bring the men’s wallet into the modern age.

If you’re like me, and know any history regarding smart wallets (especially on crowdfunding sites) then you may meet the Walleon with skepticism. Smart Wallet’s had a torrid history on crowdfunding sites as many turned out to either be scams or, at the very least, misleading to backers. I believe the Walleon is different. I spoke with Georgi himself and he was well aware of the smart wallets’ shaky history and I was met with a new sense of optimism.

The Walleon itself has many great features that, if successful, will make it one of the first of its kind. With usual smart features such as GPS Tracking (using The Helium Network), NFC Tags, and even a Built-In Powerbank – The Walleon is ambitious, to say the least. The Walleon is currently live on IndieGoGo and offers discounts ranging from 30% – 45% depending on a first come first serve basis. For more information on the Walleon Smart Wallet check out their IndieGoGo campaign page below, or view our brand page for walleon.


The Tevel Wallet

The Tevel Wallet, simply dubbed The Really Good Wallet, is an unusual-looking Titanium wallet that on the surface resembles what I think looks like a belt buckle. In reality, the wallet is a dual plate wallet that uses 2 Titanium plates to secure your credit/debit cards in a typical style seen in many popular wallets such as the Ridge or Trayvax array of wallets.

In terms of functionality, the wallet has a large capacity that can store as little as 1 and up to around 20+ cards. Keep in mind though, that as the cards are stacked upon each other, the more you carry the thicker and bulker the wallet will get hindering comfort and ease of access when storing or accessing your cards. For cash storage, the Tevel Wallet comes with an elastic strap that weaves in and outside the leather and can hold a decent amount of cash folded. 

Other features of the Tevel Wallet include RFID Protection, no seamless no screw design, and a lifetime warranty. Currently, the Tevel Wallet has managed to successfully raise enough capital to fund the wallet with its modest goal of $5,000. For more information on this wallet and for more details, check out their official Kickstarter campaign page using the link below. 


The Web Wallet

When it comes to unique-looking wallets I think the Web Wallet is in contention the most bizarre design I’ve come across in quite some time. As the name suggests, The Web Wallet has aspects of its design that resembles a spider’s web but has also been designed in a way that helps add to the wallet’s overall functionality. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the complex and ‘in your face’ design that the web wallet provides but obviously this is a personal preference. 

The wallet is designed with minimalism in mind and its compact size makes it a great slim wallet for easy access, storage with a comfortable fit in the pocket. In total, the Web Wallet can store a decent amount of cash and cards, held between its carbon fiber plates, with cash being stored in the middle being prominently shown through the metal web design.

Currently, the Web Wallet has raised just $4,000 of its ambitious goal of around $70,000. Personally, I don’t think the wallet is unique enough nor has the marketing behind it to be a success. $70,000 is a lot of money and with the dwindling success of wallets through Kickstarter, I simply don’t see the demand. For more information on the Web Wallet check out their Kickstarter campaign page using the link below. 


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